Monday, 07 March 2016 22:17 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Guess what everybody? It’s time for my second Zurvita review. This one is going to cover off on the Zurvita Zeal Focus and Energy drink. This is sort of a unique product in that it’s not a pure pre workout similar to the other ones that I’ve reviewed here on the site. Meaning you won’t really find it at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, or in your local 24 Hour Fitness. In fact you won’t find Zurvita products anywhere you are used to shopping. That’s because you can only get Zurvita through authorized Zeal re-sellers. In that sense it’s kind of like Herbalife or Beachbody, or one of those types of companies. I’ve never been terribly fond of these companies, but the Zurvita Zeal Protein was ok, so I figured I would try out the energy and focus product as well. I tried all three flavors of the ready to drink Zeal Energy and Focus and will tell you not only what the best flavor of Zeal is, but also what is in it, what it does, how good the packaging is, and of course, if it’s WORTH a buy. So buckle up and get ready for yet another super high-energy, super fun Zurvita Zeal Review from yours truly- the QUEEN of online supplement and health reviews, Fit Life Allie.

Saturday, 05 March 2016 18:04 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

Zurvita is a brand new mega-player-to-be in the nutrition industry, and I’m pretty pumped to be one of the first ones EVER to review the Zurvita Protein Shakes. I actually had the opportunity to try ALL the Zurvita products, so do look for these reviews, as it is going to be ZURVITA week here on the BPW. But of course we’re going to start things off today with a BANG by reviewing the protein shakes first. In this Zurvita Zeal Protein review, we’re going to discuss the product from the inside out. I’ll help you sort out what’s the best flavor of Zurvita Zeal Protein, what’s IN Zeal Protein, and of course I’ll do a fun little packaging review. The end of the review will be a nice consolidated final review summary where I’ll pack all this info into a tidy little package and churn out the Zeal Protein Final Review Score. Oh. As with ALL my reviews I’ll also be sure to sprinkle in plenty of my own witty flavor. You’ll probably be rolling your eyes at my snide remarks, but, hey. If you can’t have fun writing blog posts, why write them at all? Exactly. So grab a cup of coffee, I know I have! And if you can find your reading glasses you might as well throw those on too. Let’s get this freaking awesome Zurvita Protein Review started.