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Here we go again with a supplement review peeps. In tonight's review we’re going to be talking about XP2’s Metabolic Spike caffeine-free fat burning powder drink mix. In this in-depth Metabolic Spike Review I’m going to tell you so much about this product that you think you’re going insane from the amount of sheer knowledge pouring from your iphone screen into your brain. If you are in a Nutrishop at the time of reading, you might even ask the store attendant for a recovery drink from the fatigue that you experience while reading this Metabolic Spike review. I’ll lead off with an overview of the last 24 hours of my life because let’s face it the part of my reviews that you love the best is the first paragraph where I offer absolutely nothing of value to your life. And next I will discuss the taste of this stimulant free fat burner to give you an idea of what it’s like to sip on this here powder. The following paragraph is of utmost importance because I’ll tell you if this fat burning powder works for fat loss. The third section will go into detail on the formula and supplement facts panel so that we can take the ACTUAL ingredients into account and figure out how they work (or don’t) to burn fat. The final area we’ll cover in this Metabolic Spike Review will be the packaging review, which I do in all of my articles because, well, it’s fun for me. Whew. That was an unnecessarily long intro. Let’s talk about Metabolic Spike now, shall we? Yes. Let’s. Let’s Get this review started.

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Fem Fire Pre Workout for Women Review femfire

Third Place: FEM FIRE, by XP2


With a name like Fem Fire, we expected this to be a product geared heavily towards the fat-burning and physique improving crowd. We were very very right. LOL. Femfire by the lesser know XP2 is a seriously creative pre workout for women, and nabbed the bronze in this years PWO supplments for women awards because it packs a mega fat burning punch. Or does it...?