Wednesday, 03 February 2016 18:04 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

Usana Nutrimeal is one of the more popular meal replacement shakes on the market these days, so I’m happy to bring you a super exciting new review on it. In this Usana Nutrimeal Review I’m going to tell you all sorts of great information. Who knows, some of it might actually be related to this protein shake in question! As you know from reading my hundreds of other reviews (you’re a loyal fan, right?), I like to keep these articles light and fun. I mean. If you can’t have fun drinking protein shakes all day and writing about your love life, what CAN you have fun doing? Because that’s what I do all day. Not. I work. But luckily my work is such a joke that I can do awesome side projects like this review blog. Wow my ADD is bad today. But yeah- I’ll try and keep this train on the rails for you today. I’ve been taking Usana Nutrimeal for about three days now and I can speak very confidently to the pros and cons of the product. In this Usana review, I’ll tell you about the flavor, the formula, and the, f-word …f-word…what’s an f-word that means ‘packaging’? Er. ‘Feel’? Does that work? I’ll tell you about the feel? Sure. Let’s go with that. Yes. You’re going to know literally everything about these shakes by the time I’m done with this article. So let’s get right into the review.