Monday, 23 May 2016 18:58 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

Monday Monday hello again I haven’t really missed you. But what I have missed over the weekend is a good old-fashioned Fit Life Allie protein powder review. But luckily for me I stumbled upon a perfect candidate for today’s review- and that is the Syntrax Nectar Protein. Nectar comes in a wide variety of flavors, of which I had the chance to try. So the first thing we’ll cover in this review, after I ramble about a few pointless things regarding my weekend. But yes, the first thing we’ll get at in this Nectar protein review is of course dealing with the flavor. I mean, flavor is the most important thing when it comes to protein powders anyways. And lucky for us, Nectar comes in some really tasty ones. After we talk flavor, we’re going to talk about the formulation of Syntrax Nectar. Is Nectar protein actually healthy? What’s in it? Is it worth the 30 bucks? These are all things I’ll help you discover. The last thing you probably are just dying to know is what I personally think of the packaging. And lucky for you, that’s something I’m also going to flush out in great detail. Sound good? Good. Let’s begin our super fun Syntrax Nectar protein review.