Thursday, 30 April 2015 04:24 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Stance Lipotropin is a product that I am deciding to review because it looks cool and because the formula looks fantastic. I’m going to submit this is a pre workout because it is described on the Stance website as a ‘stimulant-free, pre-cardio, metabolic formula. To me that means pre workout. I would almost argue that this is as much of, if not more of a pre workout for women than several of the women’s pre workouts on the market today. In this review I’ll draw that out a little more and explain what I mean. The focus of this review will be based on the product itself and how it made me feel for my absolutely phenomenal workout this morning. I’ll tell you how it tastes, how the formula stacks up, and of course I’ll give you the full labeling shakedown. As always, we’ll take a closer look at the price and determine if it’s too high or too low for the performance of the product. What will the final grade be? Does it actually work? How does it taste? All of these questions and more WILL be answered in this article. So without further ado, let’s jump right in- our official BPW review of Stance Lipotropic

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 12:45 Published in Women's Fat Burner Reviews

Today we’re going to review Stance Supplements Women’s Thermogenic. I found this product at Nutrishop downtown the other day and thought that I’d do a review on it. I’ve actually had several of you contact me about this particular fat burner, and am glad I finally got a chance to write a full review. This is a stimulant-based thermogenic made for women, and is one of the more popular ones out there. In this review I’ll tell you about the three week run that I had with this product. I’ll focus on how it impacted my body and musculature. I’ll tell you about any side effects that I experienced, the formula itself, and basically everything and anything related to Stance Women’s Thermogenic. I’ll conclude the review as always with a value assessment, which will lead us to Stance’s final grade. Let’s take a Stance and jump right in- The BPW Official Stance Women’s Thermogenic Review!