Saturday, 23 January 2016 17:40 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Hello, hi, hey welcome to my latest pre workout review! In this article I’m going to review Reaction Nutrition’s Recor ‘Pre Action’ Pre Workout. I’ll try and keep things as light and entertaining as possible while still giving you a tremendous feel for the product. If there’s one thing I’ve become quite good at, it’s making sure I inform YOU on every aspect of these pre workout energy boosters. I personally love pre workouts more than any other sports nutrition supplement, so these reviews are actually an outlet for me to express myself and hopefully help you out a little bit in doing so. Here are the four grading criteria for the pre workout reviews: Performance, Taste, Formula, Packaging. I write a little bit about each of those four elements of the pre workout, and then I’ll tie the entire review together at the end with the official Pre Action Review summary. That will include a final score as well. So get buckled up and ready, where about to hit this recor pre workout review HARD!