Thursday, 14 January 2016 05:33 Published in Vegan Protein Reviews

Raw Green Organics is an exciting new company that is randomly a huge deal among my circle of friends right now, so obviously I had to get my hands on some of this protein powder and give it a try. In this Raw Green Organics Vegan Protein Review, I’ll give you the low-down on this protein supplement and let you know a couple very very important things about it. I’ll start things off with a little bit of chatter about my exciting life out here in Santa Barbara because I know you all love living vicariously through me. Totally kidding. But seriously I am going to blog for a hot second before we get into the meat of the review. Once we do get into the meat though, you better believe we’re going to really fire it up and get our hands dirty. Like really green and dirty. Raw Green Organics must have named their product as such because this stuff truly is raw and green. And apparently organic. It got all over my clothes which was super fun because my favorite blouse has a nice green tinge to it now. But in terms of the review structure, we’re going to talk about the flavor and taste for a bit, and then migrate into the formula and it’s ingredients. We’ll conclude with a packaging grade and then I’ll piece everything together into one Raw Greens Organic Vegan Protein Review Summary. Sound good? I think so too. Let’s begin another run protein review.