Thursday, 09 June 2016 01:48 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Protein World, historically, has not been the maker of products I have enjoyed. In this Protein World Pre Workout Blend review, I’ll tell you if their pre workout is able to impress me in ways that others have not. As with all my (over one hundred) pre workout reviews, I’ll grade the Protein World Pre Workout on four separate criteria. The first is flavor. Let’s face it- you want something that tastes good to drink before you go in for a workout. The second essential pre workout criteria that I judge pre workouts on is the performance. I judge it second behind taste, but let’s be honest this is the MOST important factor. A pre workout has to work in order to be worth your hard earned money. So I’ll be sure to be super thorough in my analysis of Protein World Pre Workout as far as that goes. The third essential area of criticism is the formulation. I will talk all about the various ingredients in this pre workout so that you get acquainted with each ingredient. The last is the labeling, which isn’t THAT important I suppose. But I enjoy talking about the design. So. Are you ready to rock and roll in another Protein World pre workout review? I am. Let’s do this.

Monday, 20 July 2015 19:35 Published in Women's Fat Burner Reviews

Today’s review will be on the Slender Blend capsules, by Protein World. This will be the second Protein World product that I’ve reviewed here on FitLifeAllie, and I’m actually super stoked to give these little fat melters a serious bench test. In this in-depth article we are going to do a few things: First off we are going to ramble for about two paragraphs about nothing in particular, because that’s just how we do here on FitLifeAllie. It’s why you love me. EVENTUALLY we are actually going to talk about the product in question today, which is Protein World’s best-selling diet pill, the Slender Blend capsules. Sort of confusing because their protein powder is also named ‘Slender Blend’. But. Hey. We all graduated college here, we can handle this. Just to be clear, this is the Slender Blend CAPSULE review. Got it? Good. So we’ll babble about nothing, then we’ll talk about my experience with these fat burners. I’ll tell you how long I took them, when I took them, and basically if they worked (for me). After we talk about performance, we’ll talk about the ingredients so that I can help you figure out just what is in here from a formula standpoint. We’ll close things up with a packaging review, and then tie it off with a bow and assign a final FLA score. So buckle up (clever, since I’m on a plane), and get ready for the OFFICIAL FLA Protein World Slender Blend Capsule reviews.

Saturday, 20 June 2015 16:21 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

My Slender Blend Review is finally here and I think to most of you it’s probably long overdue. After all, I’m pretty sure this is a company that’s been straight killin it for a little while now- and here we are with ZERO Protein World reviews on the BPW? What’s that all about? Well that ends now. In this in-depth review I’m going to go into total depth on the Slender Blend- the premier product of the Protein World line-up. Coming off a few pre workout reviews, I’m super pumped to get my hands on a new protein for what should be a tasty analysis. In this post I’ll start with a complete analysis of the taste and flavors in this protein shake. Then I’ll talk a bit about the ingredients and tell you what’s actually in this stuff. As usual we’ll finish up with a packaging grade to end on a lighter note. A review summary will take a peek at the price and value of Slender Blend, and conclude in a final review grade. So let’s jump into this tasty review of The ‘Slender Blend’, from Protein World!