Monday, 09 December 2013 17:01 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Promera's pre workout for women goes under the magnifiying glass

As you know, we have been steadily releasing our BPW reviews for the upcoming BPW 2014, which we are incredibly excited for. The best pre workout for women awards of 2014 will be released at the end of February, when all of the product reviews will have been released. We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of products in the women's pre workout category, which will make the competition that much more fierce for next year. One of these new-comers is an offering from long-time creatine specialist company Promera Sports. Promera Sports (official website) best-known for their patented form of creatine monohdrate, which is essentially creatine HCI (hydrochloride form). Without getting into too much detail, the concept is that the HCI version of creatine will be delivered into the muscles quicker, and raise the inter-muscular levels of creatine faster than a simple creatine monohydrate product. With traditional creatine monohydrate, several companies will reccommend a 'loading' phase of a week or longer of increased dosages, because it takes a while for the muscular levels of creatine to fully saturate. Anyways, that is the company's specialty product, so I was pretty curious to see what they came up with for a female athlete.