Wednesday, 04 May 2016 20:54 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Hard to believe we’re now seeing the second pre workout from Performix Ion. This company seems to be growing right before our very eyes, with the first pre workout ‘Ion’ being an increasingly popular choice among the bodybuilding and weightlifting crew. As you know from reading my full review of that product, I really had a remarkable experience from it. Whoa. Why did I type that sentence so weird. Lol. I think it’s because of this weird techno music playing in the Starbucks I’m in. Like. What are you guys doing? I feel like I’m at a club. LOL. But anyways. Peroformix ION, the original, is way too hardcore for women. They probably read my review which helped them decide to make a women’s version. I’m not kidding. How else would they know that women find it way too hardcore? Maybe I’m being vain. But I’m not surprised that they made the ‘Glow’ AKA ‘women’s’ version of Ion Pre Workout. In this review I’ll tell you how this version compares to the original, and if this is the pre workout of the future. For women. Let’s jump in.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 04:57 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Performix Ion is a pre workout that I am finally having the chance to review. You can find plenty of Performix Ion reviews online but only one of them is going to be thorough, entertaining, and actually complete. That of course, is going to be the Ion pre workout review of yours truly. In my in-depth Ion review I’m going to tell you a few very important things. The most important thing you’re going to learn in this review is if Ion actually works. I’ll tell you exactly how this pre workout performs for each of the three workouts that I tried it for. My goals is to basically give you the same exact feeling as if you had taken this pre workout yourself! After I talk about the performance I’ll tell you what is actually in the pre workout that makes it behave the way it does. You have to understand what you are putting in your body to decide if this pre workout is for you. The last two criteria for the review are taste and then label design. This is the sort of icing on the cake and what makes my reviews different from anything else online. Sound good to you? Great. Let’s do this. Here is my Performix Ion pre workout review.

Thursday, 07 May 2015 03:29 Published in Women's Fat Burner Reviews

Today I will be reviewing Performix SST - which stands for ‘Suspension Super Thermogenic’. This is a fat burning supplement that was recommended to me by one of my readers, so I thought I might as well give it a try. In this in-depth write up I’ll tell you literally everything you need to know about this product. I’ll spend most of the article talking about SST’s benefits and will assign it a performance grade accordingly. The performance grade will be one of the most important elements when awarding SST it’s official BPW grade 1-10. In addition to the performance review I’ll discuss every single ingredient in here so that you can get a good idea for what’s actually in this product. I’ll finish things up with a few thoughts on the Performix SST packinging, and then conclude with the review summary- within which I will give out a value grade to the this supplement. By the end I think you will know if this is a product that might be right for you. Without further delay, let’s hop right in - our official BPW Performix SST review!