Monday, 20 June 2016 18:36 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

A bunch of people think it’s weird when I review MAN Sports products because obviously I’m NOT a man, and many of YOU are female. But. MAN Sports is one of the most relevant sports nutrition companies out there on the market. Today I’m going to review their new ‘Clean Protein’- a product that I’ve known about for a little while but only just NOW tried. In this MAN Sports Clean Protein review, I’ll bring you so much value you won’t even know what to do. I’m going to talk about flavors, formulas, packages, and tie it all together in one amazingly concise review summary. So if you’re considering buying this product, you need to consider what I’m about to say in this review. This might just be one of my best protein powder reviews I’ve ever done. Just saying. Lol. So let’s stat the show!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 13:24 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Today I want to talk to you guys about MAN Game Day pre workout. In this pre workout review I’ll talk about the flavor, the ingredients, the performance, and even the packaging! If you’ve been exposed to other reviews of mine, you know that i like to have a good time with these product reviews. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if nothing else, we are going to have fun with this one as well. The product lends itself to fun, I can tell you that much. If you like fun, and you like pre workout, than this MAN Game Day pre workout review is absolutely 100% something that you should be interested in. The thing I will start with is a brief overview of my love life because I think that’s the way that I start every review. So let’s get our listening ears on and jump right into this MAN Sports Game Day Pre Workout Review.