Thursday, 19 November 2015 00:15 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

This is my Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Review. This is my super-duper, double-whammy, awesome-sauce protein powder review and you are going to love it. In this review I’m going to BRING the energy and the insight in a way that makes you want to re-read the review six or seven times over. I’m not even kidding. I’m that freaking good at doing protein shake reviews. You probably already know though. After all, you are the best and brightest and you know that the BPW is your only truly reliable source or honest supplement reviews. In this fine example we are going to discuss yet another protein powder for women- this time by good old Gym Angel- the understated, super terribly-packaged women’s supplement brand. But hey. We aren’t holding bad looks against them. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? That’s my excuse for dating Jeremy. LOL. Sorry Jeremy. I’m the worst. Ok. Sweet Angel Protein. Here’s what you’re about to learn from this review: First off, how does it taste. These protein shakes all taste pretty good these days. So Sweet Angel better BRING it with regard to taste. Next we’ll talk formula. I’ve glanced at the Supplement Facts panel briefly and can tell you this formula is actually quite solid. The final thing we’ll cover is the packaging grade. I’ll be honest I’m going to bag on Gym Angel in this section because this packaging is awful. But that’s later. For now, let’s get started on Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein TASTE.

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 02:34 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Energy Angel is one of those products that I just had to review. It's actually been a few weeks since I've had the chance to review an actual pre workout for women, and it's great to finally get my hands on a new one! Let's launch into it- my Energy Angel Pre Workout Review!