Friday, 06 November 2015 08:30 Published in Protein Bar Reviews

Good2Go Bars, or G2G Bars if you’re lazy, is one of the hottest new protein bars companies out there, and I am thrilled to be able to give you a proper Fit Life Allie review on these sweet babies. Yes. I just referred to protein bars as sweet babies. Shutup I’m tired. But guess what? I write my best reviews when I’m tired. Said no one ever. But we’ll try. In this G2G review I’m going to take you through every single aspect of these high-protein energy bars from the flavor to the label. Hey that was so close to rhyming. I’ll start, as per usual, by typing whatever comes into my head. That way you get nice and familiar with my horrible sense of humor and want to burn my website down. Er. Please don’t. Not sure how well that would work out for you at the Genius Bar. Woo Apple Store jokes! LOL. Ok after that we’ll actually get this Good 2 Go Bar Review started I promise. I’ll tell you about the flavor, and what it’s like to put these yummy protein bars in your mouth. Stay with me. After that we’ll talk about the ingredients and supplement facts. Are these bars actually healhty? What’s in them? You’re going to find out. I’ll conclude with a brief design study on G2G packaging, and then leave you with a final review summary, in which we’ll assign G2G a final review score. Yes I just referred to myself as ‘we’. Split personality whatup. Ok let’s get started.