Saturday, 12 March 2016 06:17 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

You know what’s an awesome name for a protein powder? One Whey. This protein powder is made by ‘Fitness Guru’, which I think is just an Instagram girl that ended up making a protein powder and protein bar, because she knew she could get all her followers to buy it. That might be a total lie. But it might not be. Either way I know Fitness Guru has a vast social media presence and that One Whey Protein is the centerpiece of their offerings. In this Fitness Guru One Whey Review, I’ll tell you what the best flavor of One Whey is, and also what ingredients are in it. I’ll talk all about sweeteners, flavors, calories, protein sources, and quite literally anything and anything related to this protein powder. As with all my other protein powder reviews, I’m even going to do an analysis of this protein’s packaging. How many reviewers do you know that will go to these lengths to get you the information you need? That’s right. Not too many. Only me. Only Fit Life Allie. I will make this review as inspirational and entertaining as possible. You don’t want to read some crusty old review. You want fresh. You want to be informed in an enjoyable way- right? I think so. So let’s get this One Whey protein review started.