Wednesday, 07 October 2015 22:44 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Today I’m going to review Carbon Prep- the new stim-free pre-training supplement from Layne Norton. Stimulant-free pre workouts. This is a topic that I’ll be spending alot of time on heading into the new year and in this in-depth review I’ll tell you why. Needless to say I’m not happy about it. But I figured the best way to start doing some stimulant-free pre workout reviews would be to review the very best of the very best. And so when I heard that the famous Layne Norton was coming out with his own line, you can bet I was chomping at the bit. Hm. That’s such a weird phrase when you think about it LOL. But I really have been. And today it finally came. So in this short time since It has been in my possession I have taken it twice already. Twice!? Yes. Twice because I love it so much I worked out twice with it. I think it is the answer to my prayers. In this review I’ll tell you literally all about it. We’ll start with the flavor, and then cover off on the ingredients as well. As with all pre workout reviews on my blog this will get the full label review as well. So did I like Carbon Prep? You already can tell I do, but keep reading so that you know exactly what you are getting into, because it’s not for everyone, and there may be some placebo going on. But placebo is the best pre workout out there, so, you never know. Alright enough introducing and more reviewing. Here it is folks. Welcome to my Carbon Prep Stimulant Free pre workout review by the legend, Layne Norton