Monday, 02 November 2015 16:14 Published in Women's Pre Workout Reviews

Ok who’s ready for another pre workout review? I am. Who’s ready for another Adaptogen Science review? I am. Who’s ready for an Adaptogen Science Warp 5 pre workout review? You’re damn right. I am. Hello and welcome friends I’m Jim Nantz and this is going…wait. That’s not right. Hello friends and welcome to my Adaptogen Science pre workout review! Woo! Now we’re cookin’! Yes. As you have gathered by now, we will be discussing today the new Warp Five pre workout from new supplement brand Adaptogen Science. I’ve had the pleasure of using this product for for about an hour and a half now and I’m in a wonderful position to tel you about it. Want to hear more about said position? Good because you’re going to. Spoiler alert- it’s far from wonderful. Eh. I guess it could be worse. In this review I’ll tell you about my life, and then my experience with Warp 5. The first thing we’ll discuss product-wise is the flavor. You need to know what Warp 5 tastes like, right? Right. After we talk taste I’ll tell you about the performance that I had with Warp 5. That sounds weird. The workout* that I had with Warp 5. After that we’ll talk formula, labeling, packaging, and the whole rest of the works. You know how these reviews go by now. I mean. After all I’m coming up on my 100th pre workout review. Pretty crazay. Woo! Let’s get started.

Friday, 16 October 2015 01:02 Published in Women's Fat Burner Reviews

My Furian Review. That would have been a great title for this article because that’s exactly what it is. An Adaptogen Science Furian review. It’s actually the first one in the entire world I think because I did not see a single Furian review on the Adaptogen website yet. But this is excusable. After all, Adaptogen Science is a very young brand with lots and lots of growth ahead. Today I’m more than excited to tell you about Furian because this is a product that visually reminds me of one of my favorite fat loss supplements of all time. A fat loss supplement so legendary that it has dominated my top ten list of best fat burners for women for over two years. And you want to know why that is? It’s because I’m super lazy and haven’t updated the list like I was supposed to. And that’s why my Top Ten list of Fat Burners still says 2014 on it. But the point is this: Adaptogen Furian (hey that sort of rhymes) reminds me alot of Cellucor Super HD. From a packaging standpoint, that is. I was hoping that it would perform at the same high level. But guess what? It sort of didn’t. And in this Furian review I’ll tell you what makes it different from Super HD. So here’s how these fat burners work: I take them for two weeks, and then at the end I do a full review here on the site. I’ll talk about the ingredients and formula. Then I’ll talk about the packaging and labeling, and at the very end, just because I want to make you READ, I’ll tell you how this product actually worked for me. Sound good? Good. Get your reading glasses on because it’s time to get started on this Adaptogen Furian review.

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Finally. A Tasty Whey Review. Adaptogen Nutrition is a brand new up-and-coming sports nutrition company and I am actually super excited to review some of their products and let you know how they compare to some of the others I’ve done. Adaptogen has an entire line of supplements, but today I want to focus on arguably their most important. I’m talking about Tasty Whey, the Adaptogen Science Protein powder. In this Adaptogen Tasty Whey tasty whey review, I’m going to do several things to give you a feel for the product. First, I’m going to tell you how this protein powder tastes. The taste of protein supplements should almost be the featured element because honestly today’s protein powders are all so similar in terms of formula that the taste is the chance for the product to set itself apart from the competition. You can be sure in this Adaptogen Tasty Whey review I’m going to tell you absolutely about the taste. I tried three flavors of Tasty Whey and I’m going to tell you which is the tastiest. Aren’t I clever? LOL. Sure Allie. Ok so after we talk about flavors we’ll discuss the formula in Tasty Whey so that you know if it’s actually a good product or not on the INSIDE. Because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Or something. Definitely doesn’t apply to men. The last I’ll cover in my Tasty Whey review is the label and package design. Because I know you are just itching for another of my design rants. So. That is quite the intro but hopefully you know what you are getting into! Ok? Ok. Let’s get going on this Adaptogen Science Tasty Whey Review.