Saturday, 12 September 2015 01:31 Published in Women's Protein Powder Reviews

4DN Her Shape Protein is one the more interesting protein products that I’ve had the chance to review lately- and I must say that it has been, well, an interesting product. In this 4DN Her Shape review I’m going to tell you exactly what I mean. I’m going to start things off by describing in immaculate detail what both flavors of taste like- and of course I will help you pick the best of flavor of Her Shape. Following my flavor grade I’m going to keep things rolling and tell you about the supplement facts and ingredients list. I think it’s important to know what you are putting into your body and obviously you do to because you are taking the time to do some research on your protein powder! But that’s why I do these reviews. So that you can rest assured you are making a good decision. So after we discuss the supplement facts and ingredients in Her Shape Protein, we will talk about the packaging and label design elements of the product. Here’s a spoiler- it’s my favorite part of Her Shape Protein. Once we are finished discussing the label, I’ll aggregate all the information into one comprehensive review summary. We’ll take the price point into account and award a final score to this protein powder. So why don’t we get started. Here is my 4 Dimension Nutrition Her Shape Protein Review.