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Allie Lewis

Hi, my name is Allie and this blog is my hobby :) I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me. Please contact me at any time if you would like to guest post or advertise on-site! Thanks for visiting :) 

Monday, 14 March 2016 21:55

My Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Review is going to be epic, and here’ sis why. Hydroxycut is one of the better diet and weight loss companies on the market, and they have put out yet another fat loss pill, this one targeting women specifically. I almost jumped through the roof when I heard the news, since i’ve tried some of their other non-female versions, and got really quite nice results from them. I wanted to take some time for a full two week trial run with Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max and do a full fat loss review on it because I know this is a product that is likely to be a hit. I’ve been taking Black Onyx for the past two weeks, and let me tell you, this stuff will probably get sold everywhere. And in large quantities. In this, my THIRD Hydroxycut review, I’ll tell you why. In this review, I’ll tell you WHY I think this product is poised to be a success. I’m going to go over the pros and the cons, and of course tell you what my final review score is. We’ll tease out a final score by first going over the performance results that I experienced over my fourteen day trial on this product. After that, we’ll list out and break down the ingredients a little bit. I want you to have a really good understanding of what this product consists of from a formulation standpoint. After that, we’ll talk about packaging and labeling. Hydroxycut makes some pretty attractive packages so this should be a fun and detailed section. Of course, as with all my fat burner reviews, you know I’ll keep this article light and fun. But at the same time very informative. I think you’ll find this Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Review helpful. Let’s get started.

Sunday, 13 March 2016 23:34

Clutch Bodyshop is one of those trendy, hipster companies that makes a pretty darn good Protein Powder. I’m finally getting a chance to write down my thought on this protein, and it’s an exciting time indeed. This is a protein powder that I was hesitant to try, just because it does LOOK a little bit intimidating. But let’s face it, I’ve tried more hardcore products than this. So I’m actually super glad that I did because Clutch Bodyshop Protein is a wonderful product. In this review I’ll tell you what I really like about it, and then also the few things I don’t like about it. I’ve had a chance to review both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of Clutch Bodyshop protein, and so I’ll make a big portion of this Clutch Bodyshop Review dedicated to the flavors and comparing which one is better. In addition to discussing the flavors, I’ll spend some time going over the product’s formulation, and packaging. Two other important factors that you should always take into account when considering a protein! Of course, it goes without saying that I’ll also spend a portion of this review babbling about myself and what’s going on in my life. That’s important to any protein review as well. Right? Lol. Let’s dive in headfirst and get things started on this Clutch Bodyshop review.

Saturday, 12 March 2016 06:17

You know what’s an awesome name for a protein powder? One Whey. This protein powder is made by ‘Fitness Guru’, which I think is just an Instagram girl that ended up making a protein powder and protein bar, because she knew she could get all her followers to buy it. That might be a total lie. But it might not be. Either way I know Fitness Guru has a vast social media presence and that One Whey Protein is the centerpiece of their offerings. In this Fitness Guru One Whey Review, I’ll tell you what the best flavor of One Whey is, and also what ingredients are in it. I’ll talk all about sweeteners, flavors, calories, protein sources, and quite literally anything and anything related to this protein powder. As with all my other protein powder reviews, I’m even going to do an analysis of this protein’s packaging. How many reviewers do you know that will go to these lengths to get you the information you need? That’s right. Not too many. Only me. Only Fit Life Allie. I will make this review as inspirational and entertaining as possible. You don’t want to read some crusty old review. You want fresh. You want to be informed in an enjoyable way- right? I think so. So let’s get this One Whey protein review started.

Thursday, 10 March 2016 17:37

Welcome to my fifth detox tea review! This will be a Flat Tummy Tea Review. And it will be epic. I will compare it to the handful of other ‘detox’ teas that I’ve reviewed, and give you my personal opinion on which ‘teatox’ is right for you. So. I’m going to try and keep this review as basic as possible. I’ll first tell you if Flat Tummy Tea works. That is- did it give me a flat tummy? Did it reduce the bloat? Did it make me feel ‘less’ like I am five months pregnant? (That’s the feeling that they are comparing to the bloated, fat feeling. Don’t worry I’m NOT pregnant lol). I also bought the Cleanse packs, which is part of the two week pack for $32. I wanted the FULL Flat Tummy effect. And in this Flat Tummy Tea Review I’ll tell you if it worked. I know. How can you tell if you are cleansed or not? Well, that’s a great question. I’ve tried to touch on the ‘cleanse’ side of things in some of my other Teatox reviews, and I’ll try to do the same in this review. I’m just going to tell you how I’ve FELT- physically, emotionally, etc., for the two weeks that I was on the Flat Tummy Teatox. I’m going to spend the majority of the review talking about results, but after that, I’m also going to talk about ingredients, and also packaging. If that sounds good to you, let’s get this Flat Tummy Tea Review started!

Wednesday, 09 March 2016 18:22

EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Reviews are starting to come out online, and I figured it was as good a time as ever to get to posting my own experience with EVL Nutrition’s Thermogenic. In this EVL Trans4orm Review, I’ll do a handful of very important things for you. The most important thing is tell you if EVL Trans4orm works, meaning, does this little pill actually help you build a better body. I’ve been taking Transform for about two weeks now and I can tell you a few things about how it impacted MY body, and how you can expect it to perform for you. The second part of this fat burner review will concern the ingredients, and what is actually in EVL’s Thermogenic Complex. Here’s a little spoiler- this is a very stimulant intensive pre workout product. Like. VERY intense. The last part of this fat burner review will go over the packaging element. I like to grade the label designs of all the supplements that I review, because I’m a design nerd. Oh. And the only other thing you should know is that this review is going to be super informal and casual, so if you are looking for something more buttoned up and stiff, you might have to seek a different EVLUTION Nutrition review.

Monday, 07 March 2016 22:17

Guess what everybody? It’s time for my second Zurvita review. This one is going to cover off on the Zurvita Zeal Focus and Energy drink. This is sort of a unique product in that it’s not a pure pre workout similar to the other ones that I’ve reviewed here on the site. Meaning you won’t really find it at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, or in your local 24 Hour Fitness. In fact you won’t find Zurvita products anywhere you are used to shopping. That’s because you can only get Zurvita through authorized Zeal re-sellers. In that sense it’s kind of like Herbalife or Beachbody, or one of those types of companies. I’ve never been terribly fond of these companies, but the Zurvita Zeal Protein was ok, so I figured I would try out the energy and focus product as well. I tried all three flavors of the ready to drink Zeal Energy and Focus and will tell you not only what the best flavor of Zeal is, but also what is in it, what it does, how good the packaging is, and of course, if it’s WORTH a buy. So buckle up and get ready for yet another super high-energy, super fun Zurvita Zeal Review from yours truly- the QUEEN of online supplement and health reviews, Fit Life Allie.

Saturday, 05 March 2016 18:04

Zurvita is a brand new mega-player-to-be in the nutrition industry, and I’m pretty pumped to be one of the first ones EVER to review the Zurvita Protein Shakes. I actually had the opportunity to try ALL the Zurvita products, so do look for these reviews, as it is going to be ZURVITA week here on the BPW. But of course we’re going to start things off today with a BANG by reviewing the protein shakes first. In this Zurvita Zeal Protein review, we’re going to discuss the product from the inside out. I’ll help you sort out what’s the best flavor of Zurvita Zeal Protein, what’s IN Zeal Protein, and of course I’ll do a fun little packaging review. The end of the review will be a nice consolidated final review summary where I’ll pack all this info into a tidy little package and churn out the Zeal Protein Final Review Score. Oh. As with ALL my reviews I’ll also be sure to sprinkle in plenty of my own witty flavor. You’ll probably be rolling your eyes at my snide remarks, but, hey. If you can’t have fun writing blog posts, why write them at all? Exactly. So grab a cup of coffee, I know I have! And if you can find your reading glasses you might as well throw those on too. Let’s get this freaking awesome Zurvita Protein Review started.

Saturday, 05 March 2016 02:27

I’ve been doing fat burner reviews for a long time now. So when I came across Nexgen Thermogen, I knew I had my next product to review. In this Nexgen Thermogen Review, I’m going to try and answer any and all questions you may have about the product. If you are on the fence about grabbing a bottle of Thermogen for yourself, I think this review will be a great resource for you. Because my reviews, you see, are not what you are used to. They are WAY more detailed, WAY more entertaining, and I actually make sense of the products in question. That’s right. You don’t need to know all the science behind these  products. I distill all that info into a nice, neat, tidy review for you. You’ll learn if Thermogen actually works, you’ll learn about what’s in it formula-wise, and you’ll also hear about the packaging and labeling too. I hope you enjoy this review. Actually my first ever Nexgen Nutrition review. The company has shown some promise, and in this review I’ll let you know if it’s actually as legit as it looks. So let’s get this Nexgen Thermogen Review cracking!

Thursday, 03 March 2016 18:56

Leptigen Review are kind of hard to find so I figured I’d help you guys out and post my first ever Leptigen Weight Loss Solution Review. I’m in a little bit of a rush so forgive me if this isn’t the most eloquent or well-written of all my fat burner reviews- but you know I will try my best. I’m sitting in a super noisy Whole Foods and so it’s more than just a little hard to concentrate. This will be a challenge. I always rise to challenges though. Always. Let me talk a little bit about what’s going to happen in this Leptigen review. The first thing I’ll do is sort of warm my fingers up with a brief overview of how I stumbled upon Leptigen and why I decided to review it. Then I’ll tell you how the last two weeks of my life have gone, which is the amount of time that I’ve been taking Leptigen fat loss supplement. I’ll tell you what you can expect in terms of the results. You need to know how this product makes you feel and look, right? You essentially need to know “Does Leptigen Work?”, and that’s what I’m going to tell you. Of course I’ll discuss any Leptigen side effects before diving into an analysis of the ingredients and supplement facts panel. You should always try and get a good sense of what is in the supplements you take, so hopefully I can clear it all up for you in terms of Leptigen. The final part of the review will go into a fun little analysis of Leptigen packaging. Super entertaining. So let’s get my Leptigen Review started!

Thursday, 03 March 2016 01:50

If you’re like me you’ve been waiting patiently for EHP Labs RPM Max Reviews to come trickling out. Should I buy RP Max or should I go with something with a more proven track record? For me, I don’t really have that luxury. Because my fans want to know what a pre workout is like from the very second that it becomes available. And that’s why right when it came out, I shelled out for my tub of RP Max. In this pre workout for women review I’ll tell you about RP Max and if it’s worth a buy. Er. I guess it’s not exactly a pre workout for women specifically- but judging by EHP Labs Instagram I’m guessing they are mostly trying to reach a female demographic. As usual. But in this review I’m going to give you a full EHP Labs RP Max portrait. From the flavor, to the formula, to the performance, and finally to the packaging. That’s a great deal of ground to cover, and I’m super hungry, so let’s jump right into things, shall we? Yes. We shall. Let the RPM Max Review Begin!

Wednesday, 02 March 2016 03:14

Ok so this might not be my most eloquent review but that’s ok because BPI Sports BURN XS might not deserve my finest work. The thing is that I just took one last look at the Burn XS jar (slightly hungover, you see), and it’s actually just reminding me of all the things that I sort of, well, hate about this product. I know. I really let the cat out of the bag early on this one. What are we…three sentences in? Way to let the drama build, Allie. (Crying emoji). But as you know from reading my countless other fat burner reviews, I tend to basically never sugarcoat my thoughts. If I like a product, you know it. If I hate a product, you’ll know it. You already know where I stand on BPI Sports BURN XS fat burner. Sometimes there are bright spots though. As I go through the performance, ingredients, and even packaging of this fat loss supplement from BPI Sports, maybe you’ll find that this IS actually a product you want to try regardless. That happens sometimes. One man’s doo-doo is another man’s gold. Ever hear that one before? Probably not if you aren’t a dinosaur like me. But yeah. We’re going to cover this one from head to toe, so let’s get this Burn XS Review started.

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 00:50

Pruvit KETO OS Reviews are starting to pile up on the internet, so I just wanted to get mine out there now before any more of y’all kept asking me. KETO OS Ketone system is one of those products and one of those companies that has seemed to come out of nowhere and is all of a sudden this huge, relevant thing. I didn’t know what to make of Pruvit prior to taking it for two weeks, but over the past fourteen days I’ve learned a TON about ketones, a TON about Pruvit, and I’m excited to share some of what I learned from my two week trial. I must say, you’ve found a great Pruvit Keto OS Ketone Operating System Review. I’ll tell you if it ‘worked’, a.k.a what did it make me feel like physically, mentally, etc. In addition to answering the question ‘Does Pruvit Work?’ I’ll talk through some of the ingredients and science behind Pruvit. Or at least I’ll start to and then fail brutally because I actually still don’t quite understand all of it. Lol. I’ll end the review with a packaging grade and a final Keto OS Review Final Score. Let’s get this Pruvit Review started!

Friday, 26 February 2016 01:25

Tonight I’m going to do my second Slap Nutrition Review. The product under the slappy spotlight will be, (drumroll please!), the Slap Nutrition Whey Isolate Protein Powder! If you’ve never heard of Slap Nutrition, you are not along. Slap is one of those budding young companies that is just finding it’s way still. In this review I want to do a couple things that will make you laugh. Wait what? You heard me. You’re probably going to do some laughing in this protein powder review. Because like Slap, I’m a fairly unorthodox type. That’s why my reviews are so popular, and also why Slap is going to be a popular brand! I want this review to be light-hearted, fun, and informative. It’s not going to be a long one though. For two reasons: First, Slap Nutrition is just a super simple protein powder. There’s not a whole lot going on under the hood so to speak. In fact there are only FOUR ingredients. FOUR? That’s almost unheard of. But it’s the truth. So after I polish off this intro, we’re actually going to start with the ingredients analysis and formula grade. After that, we’ll talk about the flavor, and also the packaging. I really enjoy ONE of those criteria as it relates to Slap protein. The other, not so much. Ok, enough teasing. Let’s get down and dirty in another Slap Nutrition Review!

Thursday, 25 February 2016 06:10

Sigh. I suppose there is just no more procrastinating this BaeTea 14 Day Teatox Review that can be done. I’ve been to all my usual haunts on the internet. All the furthest corners of my favorite blogs. And it’s time to finally focus in and let you know how BaeTea works. If Baetea Works. Does BaeTea work? However you want to frame- we’re going to cover it in this review. I structure these Teatox reviews similar to the way I structure my pre workout reviews except the ‘performance’ doesn’t really apply to a workout, but rather to whether or not the product helped burn through some extra fat. It’s tricky to measure the results of some of these ‘detox tea’ products, but, hey. Someone’s got to do it! So I’ll go ahead and give this one my best shot. After we talk about performance/effectiveness, we’re going to talk about the ingredients. As you know from my other Teatox Reviews, I’m still kind of ‘learning the ropes’ about the various types of tea, but I’m slowly getting to a point where I can tell if a tea is premium or just a waste of money. After we talk ingredients, we’ll talk about the taste, and then finally about the packaging. If that all sounds like a good time to you, let’s jump right into this BaeTea Review!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 02:48

Ok fine I’ll do an IdealShape review. I can’t say that this is the best meal replacement that I’ve ever tried, but there are some things to like about it. In this comprehensive review we’ll talk about all of it. The good. The bad. And of course, the ugly. How’s that for a bit of foreshadowing the packaging review section? Lol. To introduce you to the flow of this review- this is how it’s going to go. The first thing I’m going to do is tell you about the flavor and what my thoughts are on the taste. The next thing I’m going to do is talk about the formulation. This is where we’ll discuss everything from the macros to the form of protein used, all the way down to the sweetener. You can be assured that you will know literally everything you could ever want to know about Idealshape Idealshake Meal Replacement Shakes from this very detailed review. The best part about my reviews is that in addition to all this amazing information about the product in question, you’ll also get some bonus insight. And it’ll have nothing to do with protein shakes at all. Lol. So prepare for my unconventional and informal review style. Are you ready? I bet you are. Idealshape: prepare yourself for an Allison Lewis undressing!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 05:37

Today I’m going to review one of the poorest named products I have ever come across in my entire life- Me! Fat Burner for Women Supplement. I bought this stuff on Amazon, and I have to be honest, this review is not going to be overwhelmingly positive. The Women Me fat Burner is literally one of the worst fat loss products I’ve bought this year. Now I know it’s only February and things are still very early. And I know I was pretty harsh on the Lean1 meal replacement shakes that I reviewed last week. But Women-Me might honestly be worse. In this Women-Me! review I’ll tell you precisely what I don’t like about this fat loss supplement. Here’s how the review will go- first, I’ll tell you all about my last few days in Vegas, because you know I love treating this review site as my own personal blog as well. After a quick check-in in the life of Fit Life Allie, we’ll actually talk about Fat Burner for Women. I promise. We’ll go over my results from the past week first. Second, we’ll talk about the ingredients. Third, we’ll talk packaging, before wrapping it all up in a neat and tidy review summary. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Let’s go for it.

Sunday, 21 February 2016 15:31

It never ceases to amaze me just how MANY meal replacement shakes have cropped up in the last few months. Nutrition 53 Lean 1 is one of those meal replacement shakes that just somehow managed to fly under my radar for so long- but I’m finally getting around to my review of this ‘fat burning meal replacement’. I don’t know if this product can actually live up to that expectation, but it’s certainly worth trying to figure out if Nutrition 53 makes one of the better meal replacements on the market. That was my thought process that drove me to write this N53 Lean1 Shake Review- and I think you’ll find that it’s very informative. So. Won’t you join me in this fantastic review? Yeah. You will. Because you want to know a few things, and I’ve got your answers. You want to know what the best flavor is. You want to know how it tastes. You want to know if it’s worth all that money. I’ll tell you ALL THAT and more. I’ll talk about not just flavors and value- I’ll dig into the supplement facts, and even review the packaging for you! How does that sound? Pretty good? Thought so. Let’s get this Nutrition 53 Lean 1 Fat Burning Meal Replacement Review started.

Friday, 19 February 2016 23:18

Hello and welcome to my Legion Whey Plus Review. In this Whey+ Protein review, I’m going to tell you all about yet another Legion Athletics product, and if it is something YOU should consider buying. I think there is alot to like about this whey protein product, and as always, a few things I’m not as crazy about. You can be assured that in this in-depth review, we’re going to flush out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll open the review with a brief synopsis of my trip so far in chilly Las Vegas (I know, right? Where’s my sun!). After that, we’ll actually discuss Legion Whey+. I’ll go over all the things relevant to a protein powder. From the flavor, to the formula, even to as far as the packaging. No part of this protein supplement will be left un-reviewed. That’s right. I even talk about the details of the packaging. What other supplement reviewer goes to such lengths to help YOU make awesome supplement purchasing choices? That’s right. None of them. Because I’m the best. And you know it. And I’m going to prove it to you in this my one millionth protein powder review. Or something like that. Let’s get the Legion Whey review under “whey”. Get it?!

Thursday, 18 February 2016 01:26

Gold Standard. Pre Workout. Optimum Nutrition. Review. Get the picture? Yeah you do. I actually can’t believe it has taken me this long to get around to doing this Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout Review- but I suppose it’s better late than never. Right? Of course. I have almost zero caffeine in my system for this review, so do bear with me as I clear the cobwebs out and try to bear down for another extensive pre workout review. These articles can get very detailed, so make sure you’re in a good, cozy spot on the couch. Preferably with the Bachelor on in the background, like I have right now. That way neither of us can focus. But we must try. What are we going to try and do? We’re going to review the heck out of this pre workout. I’m going to grade it across the four key pre workout elements: flavor, performance, formula, and packaging. I’ll tie everything together at the very end in a final review summary. So turn the girls to mute, put your reading cap on, and get ready for yet another fun Optimum Nutrition Review.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 23:56

Well this is shaping up to be a nice review. It works Ultimate Pro Fit Protein Powder is the product in question, and we’re going to give it a really good old fashioned protein powder review. It Works Global might be one of my favorite company names of all time and I’m glad that I get to review their chocolate protein powder ‘Ultimate Profit’. I really do have to hand it to It Works- they have a pretty fantastic naming staff. I love how these products are named. In this review, I’ll tell you if the product lives up to that name. Ultimate Profit. It reminds me of that Shark Tank show. Anyways. If you’re new to a BPW Protein Review- here’s how it will go: First I’ll ramble about my life for a brief paragraph to ‘warmup’. After that, we’ll get into some meat. The meat is composed of the packaging grade, the flavor grade, and the formula grade. Those are in descending orders of importance. Usually I do them flavor, formula, packaging, but today I’ll start with the aesthetics. After I grade It Work Ultimate Profit “Advanced Superfood Nutrition’ Protein on all three criteria, I’ll tie everything together with a final review summary. If you’re thinking of grabbing some Ultimate Profit by It Works, you are in the right place. Let’s get this protein review started.

Monday, 15 February 2016 21:03

The things we do for science. I just finished up my one-week trial run of Natural Science Creation T.R.T, and am happy to finally share my thought on the product. In this comprehensive Natural Science Creation T.R.T review, I’m going to help you understand exactly what it’s like to take this product. I’m going to describe it’s results in every single way. I’ll evaluate the performance based off of the results that they promise on the website, which includes (but not limited to), aiding libido, balancing cortisol levels, increasing endurance, reducing stress, aiding in skin health, and contributing to bones and teeth. There is WAY more, but I’ll start with those. After we talk performance, I’ll do a quick run-down of the supplement facts and help you understand exactly what’s in the Natural Science Creation T.R.T formula. The last thing I’ll do is assign a label and packaging grade to this product. Looks are important, aren’t they? Keep telling yourself that, Allie. Lol. Ok. Let’s dive right in!

Friday, 12 February 2016 18:50

Sometimes folks reach out with good ideas, and sometimes they reach out with bad ones. This True Athlete Natural Whey Protein review is a good example of a review that occurred out of a special request on Twitter. I’m usually willing to oblige, so yesterday on my way home from work I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe and grabbed some True Athlete Whey Protein to review. I don’t have any other True Athlete flavors for comparison, but hopefully this vanilla review gives you enough information for you to make a good decision. Just like all my other protein powder reviews, I’m going to talk about more than just the flavor. Much more than just the flavor. I’ll talk formulation, packaging, and of course value. this protein is pretty cheap, and in this review I’ll be able to let you know if it’s worth a shot. It’s a very basic product, so this review won’t be terribly long, but I think it’ll be an effective snapshot of True Athlete and will tell you all you should need to know. Let’s jump right into this True Athlete Whey Protein Powder Review.

Thursday, 11 February 2016 18:35

Hola and welcome to my RokhardBody Juice Pre Workout Review. If this ends up being a bilingual review, or a spanglish review, it will be because I just came from Ash Wednesday mass, and it was in two languages. At once. Don’t ask me how. But somehow it wasn’t twice as long as a usual mass. Oh boy we’re pretty far off track already. How did this happen? Focus Allie. Focus. Speaking of focus. We’re going to chat a bit about a pre workout that is supposed to help you do just that. Focus. And some other stuff. Like have a bunch of energy and run around the gym like a madwoman and crush your workout. In this Rokhardbody Hulk Juice Pre Workout Review, we’re going to do quite a few things. The first thing we’ll do is talk about the flavors. I will tell you which flavor is better- the Jolly Rancher or the Candy Lemonade. Then we’ll talk performance. I want you to know exactly what it’s like to experience Hulk Juice when you hit the gym. Specifically the weights. After that, we’ll talk formula and supplement facts. And lastly we’ll talk packaging before I wrap up the review with the Rokhardbody review summary and final grade. Let’s get started.

Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:19

Isagenix Isalean Shake Reviews are everywhere these days, but there’s only ONE Fit Life Allie Isalean Shake Review. And you’ve found it. Because you’re a total rockstar. Because you know how to do good research. Because you have great skin. Because you…wait. What? Where am I going with this. Lol. But seriously. You are smart because you’ve found the most informative Isagenix meal replacement shake review on the whole internet. That’s something to be proud of. That’s your crowning achievement for the day, if you’re having a day like I’m having. AKA a very slow-moving one. But we all have them, right? In this this review, we’re going to have some real fun. We’re also going to learn a thing or two about the best selling Isagenix product- the Isalean Shake. The first thing we’ll discuss is the taste. What’s more important than taste? Nothing. Just kidding. Looks. Looks are more important. So once we conclude talking about the taste, we’ll talk about looks, and then the formulation. I’ll tie all the information together at the very end with a comprehensive review summary, and then we’ll give a final review score to Isagenix Isalean Shake. And begin.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 05:25

I’ve been taking Fit Tea’s 28 Day Tea Detox for about a week now and I just wanted to set aside some time for a quick FitTea 28 Day Tea Detox Review. I will most likely keep taking this product for a little while longer, but also maybe not. I’ll spend a good chunk of this review talking about some of the pros and cons of taking the 28 Day Detox and will try and provide you with at least a basic understanding of the benefits and side effects. As with my other Tea / Teatox reviews, I’m going to grade this product across four of the different main aspects that you can possibly grade a tea. And that is the flavor, the formulation, and then even the packaging. A good piece of the review is going to be devoted to the performance in the sense of, does FitTea work? And even how does it compare to some of the others that I’ve tried, such as SkinnyMint. Lol. I know. ‘Performance’ sounds like an odd word choice to use in conjunction with a tea product. It’s as if I’m describing a singer or a dancer or an athlete or something. But anyways. Let’s get this FitTea Review started.

Monday, 08 February 2016 19:09

Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor Reviews are pretty scant compared to the Lean Fat Burner, but I’m happy to finally shed some light on Fit Affinities less popular stimulant-free companion to the companies popular fat burner. In this Firm Body Sculptor For Her Review, I’m going to do four important things. Well five. The first thing I’m going to do is talk aimlessly about Fit Affinity as a company. How I found them, what they stand for, blah, blah. You get the idea. It helps you get a better sense for who they are and serves as a bit of a ‘warm-up’ for me to get my typing on point. Because you know I do some pretty in-depth reviews. And I’m in a talkative mood, so you know we’re going to flush out EVERY element of this fat burner. Ok. So after that, we’ll actually get into the meat of the review. I’m going to let you know how the past two weeks of my life have gone when supplementing with Firm Body Sculptor For Her. I’ll tell you if I lost weight, got better abs, etc. That should give you a good sense on it’s own of if Firm Body Sculptor works. After that, we’ll take a deep dive into the formula of the product. You need to know what’s in here and if it’s a solid product from an ingredient standpoint. After that, we’ll lighten things up with a packaging grade before aggregating all the data in a Firm Body Sculptor For Her Final Review Summary. Time to jump right in.

Sunday, 07 February 2016 20:53

The Lean Body Stimulant Free pre workout from Jamie Eason has been on my short list of pre workouts to review for quite some time now. I have always had my doubts about stimulant free pre workouts as you know, but some super good ones have come my way, and I’ve been really curious if others could match the same level of performance and quality. I have to say. From my experience with the Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout, I suppose my doubts of stim-free energizers have been renewed. Now. Don’t take that as a premature sentencing of ‘this stuff stinks’. There are some things to really like about this pre workout. Not the least of which is found in the product formulation. So be sure to check that part of the review out. In addition to talking about formula, we’re going to talk about the flavor, the packaging, and of course the performance. I’ll tell you exactly how I felt during my workout and after it as well. And that’s all! After this Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre Workout Review, you’ll be an expert on the product. And if not, at least you’ll leave here knowing if this product is for you or not. So let the fun begin.

Sunday, 07 February 2016 02:41

GNC Total Lean Shake Reviews are probably pretty biased on the GNC website. I mean. They control everything on there, and you might not be able to trust them. But luckily for you, I’m here for you. I’ve got your back with all supplement reviews, ranging from pre workout to nut butters to protein bars. I really enjoy doing protein powder reviews because, well, I just love drinking protein shakes. Don’t judge me, it’s what I like to do. Lol. In this review, I’m going to tell you ALL about GNC Total Lean Shake. We’ll focus primarily on the flavors of these protein drinks, but also will cover some of the more technical information- such as the supplement facts, the formulation/ingredients, and even the label and packaging. Sounds like information overload, huh? Don’t worry. I keep things light and informal. I want you to easily be able to get a feel for GNC Total Lean Meal Replacement Shake in this review. So if you’re ready, so am I. Let the review begin!

Saturday, 06 February 2016 03:11

MTS Clash recently came across my radar as one of the best pre workout options for women, so I know that I simply had to do a review of it. After all, I’m the undisputed queen of pre workout reviews. I know how to do this stuff. There are also a few things that I know as far as MTS now, after having reviewed this red and black pre workout energy booster. As with all my reviews, I’m going to grade this pre workout across a handful of criteria. The first criteria is looks. You think I’m joking, but I’m actually not. I’m going to do a full design breakdown of this pre workout supplement and tell you if it’s sexy or not sexy. This is the BPW. We do things a little differently here as you probably can tell. This isn’t some junky, half-hearted MTS Clash Review. This is the big time. The big league of supplement reviews. In addition to grading the looks, we WILL also talk performance. I kid about looks, but of course it’s how the stuff performs that will ultimately determine it’s score. After we do that, we’ll dive into the supplement facts, formula, and then talk a little about the flavor. I’ll conclude with a final MTS Clash Pre Workout Review Score, and then let you decide- is MTS Clash ACTUALLY the Best Pre Workout for Women?

Friday, 05 February 2016 06:22

My OhYeah! One Bar Review is here and it’s dandy, so get so excited for this protein bar review. As I mention in the title - this might just be the Quest Bar killer that we all thought it would be. In this OhYeah Bar review, I’m going to do a couple great things for you. The first is that I’m going to talk about the two flavors that I’ve tried, and then I’m going to complain about not having been able to try the others. As you can already sense- I’m a fan of the OhYeah One Protein Bars. I can’t even hide it. Usually I can at least make it past my opening paragraph before giving myself away. Reminds me of how my best friend sort of gave away his engagement idea to her (now) fiance. Just the worst liar / secret keeper ever! But I suppose it’s a good thing. We’re honest and we wear our emotions on our sleeves. It’s fine. Getting back to the One Bar review details. I’ll tell you about the taste, and then I’m actually going to talk alot about the nutritional profile of these protein bars. Then lastly I’m going to talk about the packaging and the branding. Because that’s fun for me. Ok? Ok. Great. Let’s get it going then! OhYeah! Lol.

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 18:04

Usana Nutrimeal is one of the more popular meal replacement shakes on the market these days, so I’m happy to bring you a super exciting new review on it. In this Usana Nutrimeal Review I’m going to tell you all sorts of great information. Who knows, some of it might actually be related to this protein shake in question! As you know from reading my hundreds of other reviews (you’re a loyal fan, right?), I like to keep these articles light and fun. I mean. If you can’t have fun drinking protein shakes all day and writing about your love life, what CAN you have fun doing? Because that’s what I do all day. Not. I work. But luckily my work is such a joke that I can do awesome side projects like this review blog. Wow my ADD is bad today. But yeah- I’ll try and keep this train on the rails for you today. I’ve been taking Usana Nutrimeal for about three days now and I can speak very confidently to the pros and cons of the product. In this Usana review, I’ll tell you about the flavor, the formula, and the, f-word …f-word…what’s an f-word that means ‘packaging’? Er. ‘Feel’? Does that work? I’ll tell you about the feel? Sure. Let’s go with that. Yes. You’re going to know literally everything about these shakes by the time I’m done with this article. So let’s get right into the review.

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 05:42

Time for another fat-loss supplement review- and today the product under the microscope is the ‘Her CLA’ Fat Loss Supplement by FLA for Her. I’ve reviewed almost the entire NLA line, and so I’m glad to round out this section of the blog with a final review on this fat loss supplement for women. Even though this isn’t a full-blown fat burner like some of the others, it’s still a very popular product that most folks really enjoy as a stimulant-free solution to other, more robust (and expensive!) fat loss supplements. I’m pretty close to releasing my first ever Best Fat Burner list for women in about one week, and I felt like an NLA for Her review would be a nice way to round out the final year’s worth of fat burner reviews. So. Here’s what we’ll discuss in the article. First, I’ll tell you how my two week trial period on the product has gone. I’ll point out any effects whatsoever- both good and bad. If there are side effects of Her CLA, I’ll tell you (there aren’t). After that, we’ll get into the ingredients. That will also be rather brief as this is a very simple product formula-wise. We’ll close things out with a nice little packaging review before awarding a final review score to this NLA For Her CLA. So let’s get started.

Friday, 29 January 2016 18:34

Time for yet another review- and today it’s going to be on EVLUTION Nutrition LeanMode fat burner. I am so ready to get this review started because I had some really unique results. This is a fat burner  that I have been taking for the past two weeks and I’m going to share my sort of ‘mini-log’ with you. I think you’ll see that my reviews are a really good time all around. Reviews can’t be forced- they have to be raw and organic, and that’s what this LeanMode Stimulant-Free Fat Loss Support one promises to be. I promise not to hold back my true thoughts on this special fat loss supplement. There are only a handful of fat burners left to review before I post up the BPW Top Ten Fat Burners of 2017 where my recent favorites, VULCAN Advanced and Legion Phoenix appear to be poised to take the top spot! So I’m excited to let you in on a hint as to whether LeanMode will make the cut. In this LeanMode review I’ll help you iron out any questions you may have about the product- including but not limited to overall product performance, supplement facts and ingredient info, and of course packaging. I’m ready to get the review started so let’s jump in with both feet. Welcome, friends, to my awesomely informative Evlution Nutrition LeanMode Fat Loss Review.

Thursday, 28 January 2016 21:54

Oatmega Bars rock. In this Oatmega Grass Fed Whey Protein bar review I’m going to tell you why I’m literally in love with these amazing and delicious high-protein bars. I’ll tell you all kinds of things in this super entertaining fit Life Allie review, but the most important thing that you will learn from this in-depth article is the question that has probably been on your mind since you started looking for Oatmega Reviews- and that is: “What’s the best flavor of Oatmega Protein Bars?”. Well guess what? You are in luck. I’ve tried three of these delicious bars and will be able to speak very confidently to this question. In this Oatmega review I’ll go over not just those three flavors that I’ve tried but also such important questions l like what ingredients are in here, and of course how sexy the packaging is. Yes, you’re going to get a full packaging overview in which I break down these protein bars from a visual standpoint as well as the taste. You are really getting a full 360 degree view of these protein bars from my review, so get so excited for this review- because I know I am. Let the Oatmega Bar Review begin!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 23:07

My Idealfit IdealLean Pre Workout Review is going to be amazing. This is a product that came to my attention on Instagram, and I’m thrilled to get this one posted as my final pre workout review before I release my official BPW Top Ten list of 2016. Hard to believe that this is the fourth rendition of the BPW Top Ten list. I’m very interested to see if Idealfit can be that magical pre workout for women that makes it’s way into our acclaimed Top Ten. In this pre workout review, we are going to go in depth on the Idealfit pre workout to determine if it’s worth a shot. I’m literally amazing at pre workout reviews. That comes after you’ve done about, well, a few hundred reviews like I have. You start to get pretty good at it. Here’s how I do things. I’ll start with an Idealfit Pre Workout flavor grade to let you know how the product tastes. I’ll continue on to a flavor section where we’ll chat about the ingredients in Idealfit pre workout. This one is critical- especially if you are new to the pre workout scene. I’ll conclude with some entertainment- we’ll discuss the product packaging and determine if this design is a success or failure. So if you’re’ ready, I am too. Let’s crank out a sweet review on Idealfit IdealLean Pre Workout.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 19:02

X50 Skinny Protein Review let’s go! Let’s really have fun in this review. Let’s really dive into flavors, formulas, and freaking looks. Let’s make this the highlight of your day. Let’s make sure you know everything there is to know about this product, and ultimately let’s help you make the right decision about whether or not to give this one a try. In this TOTALLY comprehensive review, we’re going on a journey deep into the heart of this product- starting with taste. I’ve tried the Cookies & Cream flavor of X50 Protein and will basically give you a sense of what it’s really like to dive deep into this myriad of flavor. I’ve had about three different varieties of this shake in different arrangements, so I feel like I know it well enough to grade to perfection. After I give the flavor grade, I’ll talk about the formulation and ingredients. It claims to be ‘Skinny Protein’, but what does that mean in terms of the formula? Is this another one of those ‘fat burning proteins’ like we’ve seen in the past? We’ll find out. As always, I’ll conclude with a fun packaging review score before we wrap things up in the X50 Skinny Protein Review Summary. So grab some coffee and your reading glasses because it’s go time.

Monday, 25 January 2016 19:35

My Modern Source Protein Review is here and it’s going to be a great one. This is the latest protein to get the FULL Allison Lewis BPW review treatment, and what a fantastic treatment it is. As with all of my hundreds of reviews, I’m going to go IN DEPTH and under the hood on this nutritional supplement and let you know if it gets the BPW stamp of approval, or if you should take a pass. Either way, we’re going to have some fun with it. I keep my reviews light-hearted and readable so that you not only get a good sense of the Modern Source Protein Shakes, but you also leave the review feeling refreshed and happy. I guess in that sense, my reviews are like a massage. Yes, I just compared my reviews to a massage. Lol. Here is how our review-massage will be structured. First, I’ll tell you all about Modern Source Protein flavor. I’m pretty poetic with the flavor grades, as you will see. I will continue on to do an analysis of the formula after that, and then finally at the end, I’ll do a packaging analysis before ending with the final Modern Source Protein Review Summary. It’s Monday morning, and I’m jazzed up and ready for a great review. So let’s hit it!

Sunday, 24 January 2016 22:27

Finally posting up my BSN Syntha 6 Protein Review for you guys. This is a review that has been a LONG time coming, so thanks for patience as I really have taken forever getting around to posting this one. I was actually just waiting for my last two flavors for grading to come in so that I could bring the total to FOUR different flavors of Syntha 6 for me to grade. So, better late than never! If you are new to my protein reviews here on the blog- here is what you can expect. First and foremost, you can expect that my review will be totally informal and easy to read. I can’t stand reviews that are completely devoid of any life or personality. I’m a real fit chick and these are my real thoughts- and I think you’ll enjoy hearing them. I start each protein review with a brief company overview so that you know a little about each marque before we get into the details of the particular product. After we do that, we’ll dive into the product. With proteins, we start with a flavor grading, and then move on to the formulation, and then finally the packaging. I’ll tie everything together at the end in a comprehensive Syntha Six Protein Review Summary, which will conclude with the final score being awarded. Let’s begin.

Saturday, 23 January 2016 17:40

Hello, hi, hey welcome to my latest pre workout review! In this article I’m going to review Reaction Nutrition’s Recor ‘Pre Action’ Pre Workout. I’ll try and keep things as light and entertaining as possible while still giving you a tremendous feel for the product. If there’s one thing I’ve become quite good at, it’s making sure I inform YOU on every aspect of these pre workout energy boosters. I personally love pre workouts more than any other sports nutrition supplement, so these reviews are actually an outlet for me to express myself and hopefully help you out a little bit in doing so. Here are the four grading criteria for the pre workout reviews: Performance, Taste, Formula, Packaging. I write a little bit about each of those four elements of the pre workout, and then I’ll tie the entire review together at the end with the official Pre Action Review summary. That will include a final score as well. So get buckled up and ready, where about to hit this recor pre workout review HARD!

Saturday, 23 January 2016 06:06

Today I’m going to review the Wake Up Fat Burner by Xtrategy Nutrition. I’m pretty amped to provide this review because it’s form a brand new company that I’ve NEVER brought to the blog. Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up is one of three products made by Xtrategy, so I’m hoping that not only will I love this product but will be able to get my hands on some of their other stuff too. But that’s putting the chicken before the egg a little bit. First things first. We need to make sure this product works. So in this review I’m going to tell you just that- if Xtrategy’s fat burner works in terms of the two criteria that it promises to do: lose weight and prevent fat accumulation. I must say that with the way I’ve been dieting, this product should certainly help accelerate the effects. I’m down 5 pounds since I began dieting, and and trying to lose another 3 to 5 before my Spring trip with my fitties. Ok. So here’s how the review will go- first of all, I will tell you about how my two weeks with the fat burner went in terms of results. Then I’ll talk about the formula and give it a formula grade. Lastly, I’ll analyze the product packaging, before tying it all together with one comprehensive review summary. Sound good to you? I thought so. Let’s get this Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Review started!

Thursday, 21 January 2016 22:23

1Up Nutrition Makes all sorts of incredibly popular supplements. In this review I’m finally going to cover off on their protein powder- 1Up Whey. In my 1Up Nutrition 1Up Whey Protein Review, I’ll give you so much delicious information that you’ll be able to know decisively after reading that either this protein is right for you, or not. Here’s how I’m going to do that. First off, I’m going to compare both flavors for you, so that if you ARE committed to this protein, at least you’ll end up with the best flavor. I’ll go into mouth-watering detail on both of them and have some fun with it. (FUN is a common theme in my reviews, so you should go ahead and bookmark the site in case you have any questions about other sports nutrition products. Chances are that I’ve reviewed it). After we chat about the two flavors of 1Up Whey, we will dive into some other elements of the product- namely the formula, and even the packaging. This will give you a good sense for how healthy this 1 Up Nutrition Protein is, and of course I’ll do one of my awesome design reviews on the label that will be, if nothing else, entertaining for you to read. Let’s get started.

Thursday, 21 January 2016 03:15

Hardcore Nutrition Mutate Extreme is a pre workout that I’m so excited to review for you guys. The pre workout energy supplement by Hardcore Nutrition, or ‘HN Supps’ to the layperson, is one of the newer and most popular companies to come around, and I’m delighted to do some reviews for you to get a feel for what they’re all about. I’ve already done one HN review- on their protein powder. But this is a Mutate Exreme pre workout review. Pre workout reviews are a little more complex as you have the added component of workout performance. Speaking of which- that is one of, if not THE most important category within this whole review. The workout performance gives you an idea how the product kicks in the gym, and is most important in my opinion. But other important pre workout elements are of course the taste, the formula, and the packaging. Yes, the packaging is important. Hardcore Nutrition knows this, clearly. I mean just look at this pretty little jar! So yeah- those are the criteria that we’ll be covering off on in this Hardcore Nutrition Mutate Extreme Pre Workout Review. Let’s hit the button to start this thing off.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 03:00

MuscleSport FemmeBurn For Her Reviews don’t exist anywhere yet so I figured I might as well take it on myself as the queen of online fat burner reviews and post the first one ever in the world. Pretty cool claim to fame if you ask me. In this review, we’re going to do all sorts of awesome things. The first thing that we’re going to do is talk about nothing. That’s right, we’re going to just let some thoughts pour out onto the screen. And by ‘we’, I mean ‘me’. I love referring to myself as two people sometimes. And I love talking about myself. So to open the review I’m just going to talk about my weekend. But not to worry, once that part is out of the way, I’ll talk about the MuscleSport fat burner in question. I’ll first discuss the effects that this fat burner had on me over the course of the last two weeks. We’ll chat about my experience with the product, and then talk about the ingredients. Who knows what we’ll uncover there. Sometimes there are CRAZY things under the lid. But hopefully it’s safe because I’ve been taking it for two weeks. So yeah- by the end of this review you’re going to have a pretty complete look at this product both inside and out. Let’s get things started.

Friday, 15 January 2016 20:25

Hardcore Nutrition caught my eye recently with their line of beautiful blue and white supplements. So I knew I had to get my hands on some of their Isolate Protein and do a complete Hardcore Nutrition Isolate Protein Review for you guys. In this in-depth review, I’ll do what I ALWAYS do, and that is provide the most insightful, helpful, and entertaining review that you could ever hope for. I’m getting pretty good at writing these things, and my first Hardcore Nutrition Review will be exemplary of that. If you’re new to BPW Reviews- here is how the article will unfold. First things first, I will discuss the flavor of Isolate Protein. You need to know how the flavoring of this product is before all else. I mean- who wants to drink a protein that has poor taste? Not me. So we’ll cover the flavor very tightly. After taste, we’ll get into the ingredient profile. What sort of ingredients are in Hardcore Nutrition Isolate Protein? Are they of good quality? Safe? Clean? You’ll find out. The last criteria for grading will of course be the product packaging. You know I have to have some fun with the looks of the product. Time to let the HN Review begin!

Thursday, 14 January 2016 05:33

Raw Green Organics is an exciting new company that is randomly a huge deal among my circle of friends right now, so obviously I had to get my hands on some of this protein powder and give it a try. In this Raw Green Organics Vegan Protein Review, I’ll give you the low-down on this protein supplement and let you know a couple very very important things about it. I’ll start things off with a little bit of chatter about my exciting life out here in Santa Barbara because I know you all love living vicariously through me. Totally kidding. But seriously I am going to blog for a hot second before we get into the meat of the review. Once we do get into the meat though, you better believe we’re going to really fire it up and get our hands dirty. Like really green and dirty. Raw Green Organics must have named their product as such because this stuff truly is raw and green. And apparently organic. It got all over my clothes which was super fun because my favorite blouse has a nice green tinge to it now. But in terms of the review structure, we’re going to talk about the flavor and taste for a bit, and then migrate into the formula and it’s ingredients. We’ll conclude with a packaging grade and then I’ll piece everything together into one Raw Greens Organic Vegan Protein Review Summary. Sound good? I think so too. Let’s begin another run protein review.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 08:48

Sheer Strength Labs has reached the top of the world, and by the world I mean Amazon. With over 1,300 customer reviews, it comes as no surprise that this product finally showed up on my radar. To be quite honest with you, I am surprised I didn’t catch it sooner. In this Sheer Strength pre workout review, I’ll tell you my OWN thoughts. As somewhat of a pre workout expert, you can bet I’ll give you a definitive answer on whether or not this pre workout is deserving of it’s 4.5/5 star review. We actually have a much more rigorous testing protocol over here at the BPW- here’s how it goes. First off, I review the flavor. These pre workout supplements can taste pretty gnarly sometimes. I want to make sure that there are no surprises when the time comes to drink it down. After we do talk flavors, we’re going to get into the workout results. I’ll focus on how it impacted my performance in the gym, and also let you know post-workout if Sheer Strength is safe for women. After that, we’ll discuss the formula and packaging, before buttoning everything up with a final review summary. Sheer Strength. Ready to begin the review? Me too. Let’s do this.

Monday, 11 January 2016 16:19

Muscle Elements 212 Reviews caught my eye the other day on a popular supplement retailers site. I saw reports of unparalleled energy, focus, and some pretty intriguing fat loss results. Being the internet’s undisputed queen of online fat burning reviews, I knew that I had found my next topic. And yes, I just called myself the queen of online fat burning reviews. If you’ve read some of my other work I think you’d agree. You certainly will after this 212 Degrees Full Spectrum Fat Incinerator review. Speaking of ‘Total Spectrum’. That’s exactly how I like to conduct my fat burning reviews. I like to really get in there deep. I don’t just scratch the surface with these fat burners. I dig my kneels right in. After two weeks with the 212 Deg. Fat Burner from Muscle Elements, I can certainly say that my nails were firmly dug in. I’ll start my review with a few opening thoughts, just to get the juices flowing. I’ll then tell you all about the product performance. Did this product work for me in terms of fat loss? You’re going to find out. Other areas of critique will include product formulation, and even packaging. I’ll tell you if it’s well made, poorly made, and so forth. Let’s turn on the flame and heat up this fat burner review.

Friday, 08 January 2016 14:08

I’m not the first to do a Garden of Life Raw Meal Review, and I won’t be the last. After all, this is one of the first, and most popular meal replacement shakes in the entire world. That makes it hard to believe that I had never ever tried it in my entire life! But the time has finally come, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. In this Garden of Life Review, I’m going to entertain you, I’m going to inform you, but most of all I’m going to try and help you make your purchasing decision. I’ll tell you if my instincts told ME that this was a good value ($35 on Amazon), and also if there are better alternatives that I’ve tried recently. As with all my protein and meal replacement shake reviews, I’m going to give Garden of Life RAW MEAL Organic the most comprehensive rundown possible. That means we’re going to discuss everything from the label to the taste. And everything in between. So without much more introduction, why not get this review started.

Friday, 08 January 2016 04:53

You know Herbalife Prolessa Duo is all over the place these days. In this Prolessa Duo Review, I’m going to let you know if it’s something you should look to add to your supplement cabinet. In this Herbalife review, I’ll go over the overall results that I’ve experienced after having taken the product for just over two weeks now. I’ll then go into some detail on the formula and ingredients. What is in this product, and are they effective weight loss ingredients? You’re going to find out from the undisputed QUEEN of internet supplement reviews. Yep, that’s me. So basically if you’ve been considering buying yourself the Herbalife Fat Burner, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place to find out everything you could ever wish to know about the product. Heck, I’ll even do a full packaging grade on this stuff. What other Prolessa Duo Review is going to give you THAT level of detail? Yeah. That’s what I thought. So settle in and get comfortable, because I have yet another amazing Herbalife Review in store for you.

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 18:27

And Here. We. Go. GNC has tons of products, but one in particular caught my eye the other day. And that was the Pro Performance AMP Women’s Advanced. I knew immediately that this was the next product to review. In this GNC AMP Women’s Advanced Protein Review, I’ll go in-depth on this national retail behemoth’s female protein offering. We’ll begin by discussing the product flavor, before delving into some more technical details of the product. The technical details, of course, involving the product’s ingredients and formulation. I really enjoy peeking under the hood to see what actually goes into these protein products to make them ‘women’s’ proteins. There are so few products that have actually made sense to me as being ‘for women’. Most of it is marketing. But hey. Who can blame them. It must be working! And it REALLY must be working for this GNC AMP Women’s Advanced Protein. It actually is backordered on the GNC website! Let me tell you if this is for good reason. How about we get this review started.

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 03:05

My Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Review is coming. She said dramatically. Yes. It’s true. You are about to read my millionth protein shake review and it’s going to be a DANG good one, I will say. In this review, as with all my protein shake reviews, we are going to go top to bottom on this Arbonne Shake Mix. We’ll go over the flavors and compare the chocolate vs vanilla flavor to make sure sure you know without a doubt which one is superior. After that, we’ll go into detail on the formula. Because I ALSO want you to know if these shakes are actually healthy or not. I feel like I’ve been really it or miss with these formulas lately, so I’m super curious to see which class this Arbonne product falls into. Will it be a success or a failure? Will it hold it’s own among the other ‘meal replacement’ shakes that I’ve reviewed lately? You’re going to find out. At the end of the review, I’ll talk a little bit about the product packaging, before closing out with a really awesome review summary in which I’ll take EVERYTHING I know about the product, and then line it up against it’s price point to spit out a value grade. It’s going to be awesome. The entire Arbonne Protein Shake Review will be awesome. So read on.

Monday, 04 January 2016 18:31

Review time, woo! I’ve got a full cup of coffee and am ready for this Muscletech Mission 1 Protein Bar Review. In this totally in-depth review I’m going to do several things for you. I’ll tell you how these bars stack up to the competition (particularly Quest bar), and also how ‘clean’ these bars really are. The big selling point of the Muscletech Mission 1 Protein Bar seems to be that all-natural aspect, so it will be interesting to see if Muscletech has actually created a natural and healthy product. The thing about Muscletech is that they have a bit of a reputation to overcome with the Mission One bar. More on that later in the article. But, you will hear alot about the ingredients, the taste, and we’ll even go over the packaging in an in-depth fashion. So if you’re considering purchasing the Mission One Bar, you are in a wonderful place because I’ve got a super informative, super entertaining Muscletech Mission 1 Bar review all queued up and ready for you. Let’s do this.

Sunday, 03 January 2016 15:27

Hello and welcome to my 310 Nutrition Shake Review. I’m going to review the meal replacement shakes from 310 so that you know everything about them from the taste to the ingredient profile all the way down to the packaging. I think you will enjoy the sense of humor and the way in which I break down these 310 Nutrition Shakes from top to bottom. I feel like a new person now in 2016 and I’m really excited to announce that this is my FOURTH year of doing this blog. I feel like I’ve really grown over the years and want to thank you, the fans, for all the support. So I dedicate today’s review to all of you. I promise this year will be another awesome year full of protein powder reviews, pre workout reviews, and everything else in the healthy supplement section. So let’s dive into this 310 Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake Review, shall we?

Saturday, 02 January 2016 15:33

Hello and welcome to my Myprotein MyPre Pre Workout Review. In this review, we’re going to go over all the fun stuff that you can possibly go over with a pre workout supplement. We’re going to discuss the effects and performance gain that you get when you take MyPre. I know, I’m talking about it like it’s a car. Lol. Honestly pre workouts are more important than cars, right? I think so. We’re going to talk about what it feels like to take this pre workout and then do a really, really boring, softcore workout. Because that’s all I’ve been able to do in the advent of my recent injuries. (Don’t worry we’ll talk plenty about my boring about my injuries). After we discuss the performance and discover if MyProtein’s pre workout actually does anything, we will go into the formula review section. I’ll bet you want to know exactly what is in this pre workout, and especially want to know if it’s safe. I’ll be telling you. I’ll also tell you what my thoughts are on improving the formula, so be ready for that. As with all my reviews, we’ll talk plenty about the packaging grade too. I love packaging more than I like the product itself, whoops did I say that out loud? Lol. There’s a little teaser for you I guess. So without giving away all my findings on Myprotein pre workout, let’s jump into the meat of the Mypre review.

Thursday, 31 December 2015 16:06

This evening I would like to review Trim X3- a new fat loss product for women made by Betancourt Nutrition. Betancourt reviews have never found their way onto my blog until now, and I must say I’m pretty excited to share this fat burner review with you. I think tonight is the night that I finally spare you the exhausting details of talking about my hapless love life prior to getting down to business and flushing out every last detail about Trip X3 Complete. There’s plenty that I have to say about this fat burner, and I hope you are excited as I am to discuss the product. The first thing we’ll cover in this review is overall product effectiveness. I’m going to give you my three pros and three cons of taking Betancourt X3 Complete, and then summarize my thoughts on if it works or not. And by ‘works’, I mean if it does meet the three criteria that it promises. I’ll also tell you if there are any side effects of the product. After that, we’ll talk about the formula. Are there any harmful or dangerous ingredients in Trim X3? You have no idea. But I’m going to tell you. The final grading criteria in this review is the packaging grade. How does this product LOOK? This is important, don’t laugh. You know you want to have the sexiest fat burner around. So we’ll cover the packaging. I’ll conclude, as always, with some final thoughts and reveal the final Trim X3 review score. Sound good? I think so too. Let’s begin the official Betancourt Trim X3 Complete Review.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 13:24

Today I want to talk to you guys about MAN Game Day pre workout. In this pre workout review I’ll talk about the flavor, the ingredients, the performance, and even the packaging! If you’ve been exposed to other reviews of mine, you know that i like to have a good time with these product reviews. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if nothing else, we are going to have fun with this one as well. The product lends itself to fun, I can tell you that much. If you like fun, and you like pre workout, than this MAN Game Day pre workout review is absolutely 100% something that you should be interested in. The thing I will start with is a brief overview of my love life because I think that’s the way that I start every review. So let’s get our listening ears on and jump right into this MAN Sports Game Day Pre Workout Review.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015 11:32

Hello Everybody and welcome to my Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review. I’ll do my best to keep this protein shake review light-hearted, but informative, and certainly spirited like all my reviews. I mean. If you can’t write a spirited meal replacement shake review, than you know you can get excited about just about anything. Wow. I just went to check my phone and realized I was on it for like, 20 minutes without even realizing it. Yikes. Ok. Back on track. Now checking phones for the entire rest of the review! That goes for you, too, reader! LOL. Ok. I need to grab your attention. BOO! Got it. So in this review, you are going to learn all about the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake. You are going to learn what’s the best flavor of Advocare Shakes between the chocolate and vanilla. Then you are going to realize what the formula and supplement facts panels are really all about. You need to believe me when I say this meal replacement shake review is going to be OUT of this world. For real. It is. And at the end we’ll even have some fun and discuss the packaging grade. Finally, we’ll tie things together with a super helpful value assessment before concluding with the final review score. Darnit. I just checked my email. 20 pushups for me. Ok. Let’s get down to business so that I’m not checking this darn phone anymore. Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review, BEGIN.

Monday, 28 December 2015 15:24

Welcome to the best Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein for Women Review you will ever read. Er. I’ll bet it’s the only one you read. But that means I did my job, right? It’s like a walk-off home run to me, if you feel adequately informed after my review. Which you will. I’m confident. Like that wide receiver on the Lions yesterday. Calvin Harris? Was that his name? No. Wait. That’s the DJ. Calvin Johnson. That’s it. But anyways. Let me tell you about Muscle Matrix Protein. Let me tell you EVERYTHING about this protein. Let me overload you with so much Nutrabio protein review info that you are more full of IT than you were of pecan pie last night. Let me make you more full of IT than your inbox was of black Friday emails when you woke up this morning. What kind of review info will I be sharing? Let me tell you. If this is your first FLA interview (Fit Life Allie), well, than you are in for a real treat. Because I lay it down thick and nasty. I talk first about myself and what’s going on in my love life (you’re like ‘not sure if she’s serious’..). (I am). After that I’ll actually talk about the protein in question. I’ll talk first about the flavor of Nutrabio protein. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? Does it taste somewhere in the middle? What’s the best flavor of Muscle Matrix? You’ll find out. After we talk flavor, I’ll breakdown the ingredients and tell you what exactly is in this protein. We’ll cover off on everything and anything that is in here. You need to understand what’s going into your mouth and therefore body. We’ll close things out with a label design grade which takes the aesthetics into account. I summarize all that info, and then spit out a final review grade. So let’s get started.

Saturday, 26 December 2015 14:31

Today I’m FINALLY posting an Herbalife Review. This might be the first of many Herbalife reviews if it is well-received, which, I think it might be seeing as Herbalife is the biggest nutrition supplement company in the entire world. Like. Actually. It’s the biggest. I know Myprotein claims to hold the title of largest supplement company in the world, but the truth is that it’s actually probably Herbalife. Emphasis on “actually probably”. Lol. But today’s review will focus on the super cool Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport. This is called a ‘nutritional shake mix’ but I’m going to categorize it as a protein powder. It’s a little confusing since the description of the product is a ‘healthy meal for athletes’ and yet the instructions say that you are supposed to take the product before athletic events so I was a little confused as to when to take this product. Or rather Herbalife was confused what this product was all about. But let’s be serious. This is a protein powder. And all protein powders undergo the same judgement criteria here on the BPW. The first criteria of judgement is the flavor grade. So that’s what we’ll talk about first. After that we’ll discuss the formula and ingredients. Lastly, we will do a packaging review grade, because we all know the looks are critical. So let’s jump right into this Herbalife Formula 1 Protein Review.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 19:51

1 Up Nutrition is yet another company that it seems like you can’t turn your head without coming across them. As an Instagram addict, I think I am exposed to this brand more than others. I guess that’s why we’re doing this Beauty Sleep Review today. Because I follow one of their superstar sponsored athletes, and she was waving around a bottle of this stuff the other day. I knew I had to get my hands on some of this 1 Up Nutrition Beauty Sleep PM Burner and give it a full test. Basically what this product is, is a sleep aid coupled with a nighttime fat loss supplement. So you’re losing weight while you’re sleeping. That’s pretty sweet. At least on paper. In this review I’ll tell you if the product actually works as expected, or if it’s just another one of those gimmicky products. This should be fun since I’ve never done a sleep aid review before! But I’ll treat this review much the same that I treat a fat burner, in terms of the review layout. First thing I’ll do is talk about how it performed for me- basically if Beauty Sleep PM Burner works. After that we’ll discuss the ingredients and formulation for a brief paragraph. At the very end we’ll go over the packaging, and close the Beauty Sleep Fat Burner Review off with a final review summary. Let the review begin. Now.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 14:48

Rivalus Burn Powder 2 pre workout is one our LAST pre workout reviews of 2015, and I’m very excited to give you yet another highly entertaining overview of this orange and black pre workout powder. This pre workout is one that I tried just this morning for what will surely be my most intense workout of the holiday week. We know that Christmas week can lead some wonderful and indulgent meals, followed by, of course, several Christmas cookies. It’s delicious at the time, but can fuel some rather lethargic workouts in the following moments. I was looking for this pre workout to counter some of that sleepiness and allow me to have a really good holiday workout. In this Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0 Review, I’ll tell you if the product delivered for me across four different criteria. The first is of course the flavor section. We’ll go over the entire workout experience from the moment I first opened the tub from the moment I finished my last rep. So after flavor, that means we’ll discuss performance, the formula, and even the packaging. My aim is to give all the information you need in order to decide if Rivalus Powder Burn 2.0 is the right pre workout for you. Will this pre workout grasp a last minute spot in the BPW Top Ten of 2016? Let’s find out.

Monday, 21 December 2015 15:29

Good morning and welcome to my Olympus Edge Labs Aphrodite Protein Review. In this in-depth protein powder review I’ll discuss the pink and white-clad protein powder for women and tell you my overall thoughts on the product. I’ll tell you about how the flavor ranks in my book, by comparing and contrasting each of this products three flavors. If you’ve already decided to give Aphrodite a shot, then at least I’ll be able to help you choose the right flavor to get. After we talk about the taste, we’ll go over the supplement facts and ingredients within this whey protein supplement. I’ll tell you the things that I like, and the things that I don’t like as much about Olympus Edge Aphrodite protein powder from a formulation standpoint. The final paragraph of the review will be spent discussing the packaging. Does this protein look good? Or will it be one of those supplements you keep locked away in your cupboard. At the VERY end of the review I’ll tie all three of the different aspects together into one comprehensive Olympus Edge Aphrodite Review summary. So grab a cup of coffee. I know I will. And let’s start the review.

Sunday, 20 December 2015 20:00

My Skinnymint Teatox Review is going to be epic and might just be the highlight of your day today. Hi everyone and Merry Christmas week to all of you. My name is Allie and if you are unfamiliar with my reviews, I am the world’s most fun supplement reviewer. I usually review pre workout, fat loss, and protein supplements, but today I’m embarking on my second teatox review. My first one was a bit of a departure from the norm, but I’ve had several fans complimenting my Matefit review. Now that I’ve tried Skinnymint, I’m really excited to compare and contrast the two different teatox products and tell you which one I had a better experience. In this Skinnymint review, I’ll tell you what sort of effects and benefits (if any) I noticed. I’ll also talk about all the ingredients in Skinnymint, and what my thoughts are around the formulation. Finally, I’ll do a packaging review, and combine ALL elements of the review into one comprehensive Skinnymint review summary. So if you’re here looking for a totally sarcastic, witty, but informative and helpful look at Skinnymint, you’ve found the right review. Let’s get started.

Saturday, 19 December 2015 18:38

Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Reviews are literally all over the place. But you won’t find any of them to be as in-depth and thorough as mine. That’s because I’m Fit Life Allie, and on top of the literally hundreds of supplement reviews that I’ve done, I’ve already reviewed two other versions of Hydroxycut. They call me the Hydroxycut whisperer at this point. I’m actually that good at doing Hydroxycut reviews. Lol. But one thing you can be assured of in this review is that in addition to being one of the most informative articles you’ve ever read, this review will also be one of the most entertaining. You never know what you are going to get in some of these fat burner reviews, but I’ll tell you right up front what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a heavy dosage of humor. You’re also going to get a really detailed analysis of the formula in this fat burner. And you KNOW all my reviews also include a super-detailed packaging grade. That might be my favorite part. Oh- and of COURSE we’re going to spend a ton of time talking about if this product WORKS. So if you’re here because you want to know does Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Work, you are in the right place. Let’s get the review started. Right. Now. GO.

Friday, 18 December 2015 18:47

P90X is best know for their workout programs, but did you know they make protein bars as well? I didn’t know until one of my friends got me some for Christmas. What a better opportunity than to share some of my findings with you all! In this P90X Peak Performance Protein Bar Review, I’m going to do quite a few things. The first thing that I’m going to do is tell you all about the flavors and tell you which flavor of P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars are best. The second thing I’ll do in this protein bar review is talk a little bit about the formula and ingredients. The formula is really important in these nutritional bars- especially for someone with a handful of food allergies and other considerations. So. Yeah. We’ll cover the ingredients in depth. The third, and maybe most important judging criteria is the packaging review score. In this section we will obviously be talking about the overall aesthetics of the packaging. Do not take this section lightly! Lol. Well. Nothing will be taken lightly in this review. Just kidding. I keep these reviews very light-hearted. We have FUN here at the BPW. So let’s get started!

Friday, 18 December 2015 08:08

Ok Ok I’ll stop procrastinating and get this Allmax Nutrition Isoflex Protein Review started. I don’t know why I’ve been procrastinating so hard. Probably something to do with the fact that it’s 10 o’clock at night and that’s West Coast time. East coast time, which is where I am, it is, er, you do the math. But why should I complain. I’ve got plenty of energy. I actually just made an Isoflex shake with a shot of espresso in it. It was disgusting actually. But no matter. I’m still going to give it to you straight in this review. I was lucky enough to get my hands on four different samples of Isoflex. So I can talk all about the taste. Taste is of the utmost importance and I’m super pumped to tell you all about it. The product is pretty basic in terms of formulation, but we’ll still talk at length about all the ingredients anyways. The last thing we’ll cover after taste and formula, is of course labeling. You know no product goes unscathed through the infamous BPW review critique. So that’s the roadmap for this Allmax Protein review. If that sounds fun to you, let’s get things started.

Thursday, 17 December 2015 03:40

Olympus Edge Artemis Pre Workout is a relatively new pre workout and today I’m thrilled to bring you my review of the product. In this Artemis Pre Workout Review I’ll answer every question that you might have about the product. Namely, does it work? What is in it? How does Artemis pre workout taste? And of course, you know we have to go over the packaging. I haven’t done a pre workout review in a few days, or has it been weeks? I don’t know. I’ve lost track of the time here in my own little time warp world that I live in. But. You know I’m going to tell you all about this pre workout in a manner the likes of which you just won’t find on any corner of the internet. I am the best at women’s pre workout reviews, and I’m pumped to do yet another one. I think I’m closing in on one hundred pre workout reviews here on the site, which is absolute madness if you really think about it. But. Let’s stop the delaying and get this Olympus Edge Artemis Pre Workout Review started.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 06:04

PES Science actually makes a fat burner? Who knew. Up until a few weeks ago, I certainly did not. But you know I had to get my hands on this fat loss product once I did so that I could put together a sweet Norcodrene Review. How hard is that to say, by the way? PES Science Norcodrene Reviews are actually pretty tough to come by, believe it or not. I was surprised, since PES Science has come on VERY very strong in recent months. I’d even go as far as to say that this brand has evolved more competently than any of the other supplement brands in 2015. In this review, I’ll tell you if this fat burner keeps in PES Science’s tradition of excellence of making high-quality products for people of all fitness goals. My fitness goal over the last few weeks has been losing weight. So that is the lens through which I’ll be reviewing the product. Did it work? Did I end up losing weight? I’ll tell you. I’m also going to talk about the ingredients in this fat burner to make sure you know what you’re putting in your system. The third and final section for grading is the packaging grade, so be ready for that as well. So if you’re ready for another entertaining and awesome PES Science review, let’s get cracking on Norcodrene!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 07:05

Fitstrong Burn Fat Burner Reviews are fun to write in the middle of the night. That’s what I keep telling myself as I sit here in, well, the middle of the night. And write. And fight, the urge to sleep. It just fees right, tonight. Oh boy. You already know this is going to be an interesting one. And that’s saying something, coming from yours truly. If you’ve read any of my other fat burner reviews you are probably aware that I’m the craziest supplement reviewer out there. By craziest I mean most entertaining, most eloquent, most beautiful, and most knowledgable supplement reviewer on the internet. Yes. I said it. On the ENTIRE internet, you will NOT find a better FITSTRONG REVIEW. Read that one again. Let it sink in. And then get beyond excited to take in my fat burner review of the day. You are about to be assaulted with Fitstrong knowledge. In this review we’ll talk about how the product works, if there are any side effects, what the formula is composed of, and then finally how the packaging compares to the competition. You are probably going to love my Fitstrong review enough to marry it. If you’re already married, you might leave your spouse for my FItstrong Burn Review. So let’s begin.

Saturday, 12 December 2015 20:42

MateFit Reviews are pretty easy to find on the Matefit website. But in this day and age, it’s kind of hard for me to trust what the companies put for reviews on their OWN website. So I of course decided to take it on myself to buy some of this stuff and post my own complete review. In this Matefit review, I will grade the product across three different criteria. Er. Four. Sorry. Bear with me on this one as this is actually the first of my detox tea reviews. So the first category will of course be the taste. We’ll talk about the flavors, aromas, and more. You know I am a very poetic person, So I’m hoping you will enjoy each ‘flavor-journey’ that I bring you on. My mission is to give you the sense that you are right there next to me, sharing my MateFit tea. Kind of a weird visual there. Lol. After we talk about the taste we will get a little technical and discuss the ingredients and types of tea used. In this part of the review the goal is to simply go over the different types of tea in the product so that you know what to expect in terms of results. Speaking of results, that is what we’ll talk about next in the Matefit Review. Does Matefit ACTUALLY WORK? That’s what we’ll focus much of the review on. I’ll conclude with a packaging and branding grade, before ending the review by assigning the final score. So let’s jump right in to my first ever Matefit Tea Review!

Saturday, 12 December 2015 00:19

Today I’m so excited to FINALLY release my Myprotein Impact Whey Reviews. In this review we’re going to review FIVE different flavors of My Protein- one of the world’s most popular brands of protein powder. This UK-based brand has been on my roadmap of reviews to write for so long now that I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally check it off my list. In this review I’m going to talk ALOT about the different flavors that I tried. There are literally like 40 flavors of Myprotein, and while I didn’t have the time (or money!) to try ALL of them, I did at least get my hands on five of the most popular flavors and can at least tell how about how those compared to both each other and then also just how this product compares to other popular protein supplements out there in terms of taste. After we talk about flavor, I think it only makes sense that we keep things consistent with all my other women’s protein reviews and discuss the formula, packaging, and of course value. Is this protein supplement worth the money for the product quality? I’ll tell you all of this and MORE in my Myprotein Impact Whey reviews. So without further ado, let us begin the review.

Friday, 11 December 2015 05:56

Old School Labs Vintage Burn Reviews are finally here on the BPW blog. I think this is the first Old School Labs review that I’ve ever done. Scratch that. I KNOW this is the first ever Old School Labs review that I’ve ever done. I’m pretty excited to get started, too. This is a brand that I have had my eye on for a little while now. They have a very cool thing going with the ‘throwback’ branding and the subdued colors and the quirky fun language. I was very excited to give this product a try and see if it could help me drop some of those Thanksgiving pounds. In this product review I’m going to focus on the performance benefits that this product helped me achieve. And by performance benefits I mean, did the product help me lose weight? Or was it just another waste of my money? Something that I’ve become quite good at recently. Lol. Not funny. Not at all. But yeah we’ll talk about if it works. We’ll also have a look at the Vintage Burn formula and discuss if the product uses high-quality, safe, ingredients. We’ll finish off with a packaging review summary, and then wrap it all up with the final product grade. So without further ado. Let’s start this Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 19:15

RX Bar Reviews are pretty findable in this day and age as the brand starts to become more mainstream and get picked up in various retail locations. Just the other day I was in my Equinox gym and wouldn’t you know it, there were some RX Bars just sitting there waiting for me to try! I picked out the peanut butter one naturally, and began to stuff my face with it. What follow are my totally off-the-cuff, un-biased reviews of RXBAR. In this review I’m going to do a few different things. Firstly I will update you on my emotional state following the disastrous breakup that I’ve been going through. Secondly I will actually talk about these protein bars like you want me to. What that will include is a totally comprehensive flavor review. I’ve now tried four flavors of RX Bars and can tell which is best, and which is not the best. After we talk about flavors, we will go over the ingredients in RX Bars. Are they actually healthy? Are they unhealthy? Are they somewhere in between? I mean they’ve got to be at least KIND OF healthy, right? I think so. But we’ll go over all of this. We’ll even go over the RX Bar packaging. Pretty hardcore reviews over here. So let’s get the RX Bar Review started.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 07:30

Today I only have 35 minutes to do my Primal Body Whey Protein Reviews. But that’s plenty of time for me. Because I’m Fit Life Allie, and I literally live for these supplement reviews. I’ve been doing them for years and I’ve tried the best and the worst that the supplement industry has to offer. In this Primal Body review I’ll tell you if this protein powder deserves a spot in YOUR supplement cupboard. I’m going to talk mostly about the flavor in this review, since these proteins are really all about the taste, right? This protein is unique in that it claims to be all natural. Well, I will be the judge of that. I’ll tell you if the product is actually natural or simply just claiming to be. The next thing that I’ll do is talk about the packaging. I’ve been somewhat of a packaging guru on this blog, and I know my readers have enjoyed my insight when it comes to the appearance. I mean. I can’t let you have some ugly duckling-lookin’ protein sitting there on your kitchen couner! Let the Primal Body review begin.

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 03:53

Smartbody Nutrilean is an ‘all-in-one’ fat burner that I’m going to review today. In this Nutrilean fat burner review I’ll describe what happens (or doesn’t happen) when you take this fat loss supplement. Is it effective? Will it make you lose a bunch of weight? You’re going to find out. I’ve been taking this product for just over three weeks and can give you a really good sense of the effects. There are a few things you need to be aware of side effect-wise, so I’ll be sure to include all my thoughts on that front as well. As with all my fat burner reviews I’m also going to run down the ingredients one by one and tell you if everything in here is safe for consumption. I can tell you right away that this fat burner is not for the faint of heart. I’d actually go so far as to say that this fat burner is for the more hardcore fat-loss user. It’s very stimulant-intensive and has some very powerful ingredients. At the end of this review I’ll even talk about the packaging and appearance just so that I’m literally leaving no stone left un turned when discussing SmartBody’s Nutrilean. Of course I’ll do this review wilth my usual fun sense of humor as well. So you can look forward to a really fun half hour of reading. Let’s start the Nutrilean Review.

Monday, 07 December 2015 00:24

Amino Cuts by Allmax Nutrition Reviews are here! This article promises to be a very interesting look at one of the coolest new products in the sports supplement world. I say ‘coolest’ because Amino Cuts has probably the coolest-looking label in the amino acid world. You just don’t get a product that looks like this very often. This energizing amino acid recovery drink is going to be classified under my pre workout reviews section, but it’s really a sort of anytime powdered fat burner to be honest. Actually I might even post it under the fat-loss section because it seems like this is more for the purpose of fat loss than pre workout. Except in the ‘Directions for A:Cuts’ section it DOES say that you should take this stuff before physical activity. So maybe it IS more of a pre workout than fat burner. But anyways. Here is what we’re going to cover in the Amino Cuts Review: The flavor, the formula, the packaging, and then a brief performance overview just to let you know how it feels when you take this product. So why don’t we get this Amino Cuts Review started.

Saturday, 05 December 2015 01:10

What is the best protein powder for women? Great question. And you know what? We’ve got great answers for you here on the BPW and we are thrilled to finally release our SECOND annual best protein powder top ten list. I passed over one hundred reviews this year, and I'm super stoked to share my findings on what the best-tasting protein is, what the best 'minimalist' protein is, and a few other speciality awards. As always I've found the top-rated protein by scoring each and every single one on my four key criteria, which are flavor, formula, packaging, and value. Check out this year's hot list and find YOUR next protein inside. 

Thursday, 03 December 2015 04:06

Rival-us or Rivalus Promasil reviews have finally come to the BPW so welcome one, welcome all. I hope you are ready for yet another protein powder review here on the show. I think you will enjoy this review more than my last review because I’m going to put tons of heart and soul into this Promasil review. Actually I’m not because I don’t have a heart and I’m a piece of you-know-what. Eek. Can you tell someone is having relationship problems today. Yeah. I bet you can. Well, we’ll be sure to get into that first and foremost since I clearly have to get it off my chest. But after I’m done my sob story we’ll actually talk about Promasil, I promise. As with all my protein reviews, we’ll go into painstaking detail on the formula, the flavors, and even the packaging. So without spending too much time on this introduction, why don’t we get the box of Kleenex out and start this Rivalus Promasil Review, stat.

Wednesday, 02 December 2015 01:43

Animal Cuts for Women? Is that a real thing? No. It’s not. But in this Animal Cuts Review I’m going to tell you if this product is OK for WOMEN to take. How do I know? Because I’m a woman. And I’ve been taking it for just over three weeks. In this Animal Cuts review I’m going to answer all of your questions, including: How does Animal Cuts work for women? Is it an effective weight loss and fat burning aid? What’s in it? Is Animal Cuts Safe? I know you are probably wondering these very same things as I was before I started. Luckily for you I am a human supplement guinea pig and am always happy to try these things and share my learnings with you. So that’s exactly what I’m prepared to do for you right now. In this Animal Cuts review I’m going to start by talking benefits and performance. I know you want to know what the deal is with this fat burner and how it impacts the body. After that we are going to talk about the formula and what’s in this product. Finally we will talk about the packaging, just for fun. The review will end with my final review summary and a score that will take the price point into account as well. If this is your first BPW review, prepare to be informed, entertained, and probably just a little bit terrified for my mental health. LOL. Let’s get the Animal Cuts review under way! Woo!

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 02:45

Hello and welcome to my Amazing Greens Amazing Meal Chocolate Reviews. In this in-depth I’m going to take you over the river and through the woods and to Grandma’s house for a good old-fashioned schooling about Amazing Meal and what it’s like drink a big glass of this disgusting protein shake. Wait, did I just spill the beans? Is Amazing Greens Amazing Meal really foul-tasting? Maybe. Maybe I just threw that in there to keep you guessing. Maybe I threw that in there to set you up for disappointment when in reality, the product is actually delicious. But you’ll never know until you read this review until the end. So what else am I going to cover besides just the flavor of Amazing Meal? I’m going to cover the ingredients, the label, the price/value, and of course the taste. Er. Wait, I already said that. Ok. I’m a little bit all over the place- you’ll have to forgive me. This promises to be, if NOTHING else, yet another highly entertaining BPW protein powder review. So I suggest you sit back, relax, and enjoy my latest work. Here is is, friends, my Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion Review.

Monday, 30 November 2015 03:39

Hello and welcome to my Run Enter EWP pre workout Review. In this review, I’m going to tell you ALL things related to this pre workout energy drink mix from newly-launched company Run Everything. This company is defined by out-of-the-ordinary product names such as this pre workout, which is called ’Enter With Purpose’, and EWP for short. I think it’s interesting when company’s go out of their way to do SOMETHING different, whether that’s in the formulation, or in the the product packaging, or what have you. Luckily for you, I’m going to go over literally every single element of this pre workout and tell you in-depth, how the product matches up to the pre workout competition. While this is not a pre workout ONLY for women, it is a company that was founded by a super popular fitness personality- so this product has tons and tons of instant credibility. I’m here to review it and tell you if that credibility translates into a valuable product worth purchasing. So. What are you about to learn about EWP pre workout? You’re going to learn five things. First, you’ll learn what the product tastes like. I’ll describe the flavor in painstaking detail so that you can get a feel for it, ‘taste-wise’. Secondly, we’ll be discussing the most important element of any pre workout, which is how it performs in the gym. The third thing you will find out in this review, which is also quite important in my opinion, is what the formula is like. I’ll discuss each ingredient to give you the peace of mind of knowing what’s in it, and what each ingredient does. The last criteria is of course the often-humorous packaging grade in which I’ll discuss the physical appearance of the Run Everything pre workout. Let’s start the EWP Review right. Now.

Sunday, 29 November 2015 00:47

Rivalus Complx5 Pre Workout Reviews are impossible to find sometimes since this product is certainly more of a niche product. I suppose most of these stimulant free products are sort of ‘niche-y’, aren’t they? I think so. What I’ve found is that I don’t get very good results from stim-free pre workouts in general. I mean. Stims are what makes the world go round. And by world I mean my workout performance. Without it I am just an empty shell without the engine. Ok, I’m being dramatic. But let’s just say I wasn’t terribly pumped to review the Rivalus Complx5 Pre Workout to begin with. But hey. When a loyal FLA reader wants to know my thoughts, you bet your butt I’m going to deliver. Even if it’s a few weeks, a few months, or even a year after- you can bet if you ever had a question about a product and take the time to reach out, I’ll do my bestest to crank out a review for you. As with all my pre workout reviews, I’m going to do a full four-pronged assault review. I’ll talk about the flavor, the performance, the formula, and the packaging. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a good old-fashioned pre workout for women review. It’s where my heart is. With pre workout. So let’s get our big girl pants on and dive right into this Rivalus Complx5 Pre Workout Review.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 18:04

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and welcome to my PES Alphamine Review. In this Alphamine review I’m going to do all kinds of things. The first thing that I’m going to do is tell you how the product works. That’s right. A fat burning powder review should, if it does just one thing, provide you the information you need to make the most informed purchasing decision. That’s what my review blog is all about. Helping you make informed decisions. Informed, as it relates to fat burning, means that you know if it works, what’s in it, and then some extra goodies as well. You’ll see what I mean by that later in the review. So bear with me during this Alphamine review if it is a little bit disjointed. I’m trying bake a pie simultaneously while crafting the article. But I’ll do my best to make it as informative, entertaining, and eloquent as possible. Eloquent. Not exactly how anybody would describe my ramblings on these fat burning products. But entertaining, yes. You shall see. Now where the heck do I keep my 3/4 measuring cup? Ugh. It’s nowhere. Ok. Why don’t I sit down, put on my favorite Christmas CD, and crank this review out for you? Yes. That is exactly what I’ll do. Let’s begin the PES Science Alphamine Review.

Monday, 23 November 2015 21:19

Today I’d like to tell you about the Legion Pulse pre workout supplement. In this Pulse Pre Workout Review I’m going to run the gamut of this pre workout booster and tell you exactly how it helped me perform for my workout. I’ll tell you first of all if it was an effective enhancer of the workout. Legion Athletics is a very performance-focused company. You know that their number one focus is on the results. Not on the flavor. Not on the profit. On the results. That’s what I like about the company, and a real reason why I was stoked to give this product a shot in the first place. As with all my pre workout reviews, I’m going to grade the product across four separate criteria. The pre workout category is actually my most intricate review process, and also the most time consuming. But you know what? It’s what I’m passionate about. My site was chose as best pre workout for women. Not best fat burner for women. Not best protein for women. Pre Workout. This is my passion. And in this review I think you’re going to see that passion. The four criteria are flavor, performance, formula, and packaging. All four components go into a final value grade that ultimately determine the final review score. So if you’re ready to get started, than so am I. Let the Legion Pulse Review, begin!

Friday, 20 November 2015 19:00

Time for another fat burner review and today’s Evochem Phenadren Review is going to be rather brief, I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t have a ton of time so I’m going to do everything in my power to crank this review out in basically a recored setting time. But that doesn’t mean that there will be anything lacking from my Phenadren review. The insight, detail, and of course humor will still all be present in this my second Evochem Nutrition review. In this review I want to focus on three main elements of Phenadren. The first thing we’ll talk about is the performance and benefits that you can expect when you take the product. I know you are probably here because you want to know what it’s like to take Phenadren in terms of the results. You want to know if you can take it safely and expect to lose wait. You might also wonder how much a factor the energy level thing is. Can you expect truly exceptional energy levels when you take Phenadren? I’ll tell you. Another thing we’ll cover in this review is of course the ingredients. What is in the product that gives it the benefits? Is everything included in this formula safe for consumption or are there any wild cards that you need to be wary of? This is an important consideration for any fat burner. Lastly, we’ll discuss the packaging that Phenadren is housed in. This is sort of a fun little analysis that I like to do with all my fat burner reviews so you have that in store for you as well. So let’s get this Phenadren Review moving.

Friday, 20 November 2015 04:52

ForzaOne Forza Pro Protein Reviews are kind of tough to locate in the vastness of the world wide web. I know this because I was searching for a good recommendation for what the best flavor of Forza One’s Protein Shake. Much to my despair, I could not for the life of me find a writeup on this product. Thus an idea formed in my head. An idea that has formed literally hundreds of times in my head before. Why don’t I take it on myself to do a ForzaOne review? Great idea, Allie. Great freakin’ idea. I thought of all the poor people that I would be helping by bringing this amazing protein review to the world. And let me tell you this isn’t just going to be any old protein review, or just another review. I go in-depth on these proteins. I really do. Just look at my Women’s Only review. I broke that product down to it’s core, and I’ll do the same thing with Forza One Forza Pro. I’ll tell you first and foremost what the best flavor of Forza Pro is. You’re probably standing around in you local Nutrishop not knowing where to turn. I was in your shoes girl, trust me. But just scroll down a little and you’ll have the answer you’ve been looking for- what is the best flavor of Forza Pro? Yep. You’re going to find out. After we talk about the flavor, we are going to discuss the formula and ingredients. I’ll also even review the packaging, just like I do in all my reviews. How does this sound to you? Good? Awesome. Let’s get this Forza Pro Protein Review started.

Thursday, 19 November 2015 00:15

This is my Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein Review. This is my super-duper, double-whammy, awesome-sauce protein powder review and you are going to love it. In this review I’m going to BRING the energy and the insight in a way that makes you want to re-read the review six or seven times over. I’m not even kidding. I’m that freaking good at doing protein shake reviews. You probably already know though. After all, you are the best and brightest and you know that the BPW is your only truly reliable source or honest supplement reviews. In this fine example we are going to discuss yet another protein powder for women- this time by good old Gym Angel- the understated, super terribly-packaged women’s supplement brand. But hey. We aren’t holding bad looks against them. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? That’s my excuse for dating Jeremy. LOL. Sorry Jeremy. I’m the worst. Ok. Sweet Angel Protein. Here’s what you’re about to learn from this review: First off, how does it taste. These protein shakes all taste pretty good these days. So Sweet Angel better BRING it with regard to taste. Next we’ll talk formula. I’ve glanced at the Supplement Facts panel briefly and can tell you this formula is actually quite solid. The final thing we’ll cover is the packaging grade. I’ll be honest I’m going to bag on Gym Angel in this section because this packaging is awful. But that’s later. For now, let’s get started on Gym Angel Sweet Angel Protein TASTE.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 01:55

Hello all and welcome to my Dynoshred review. In this review I’m going to discuss the Dynoshred pre workout by Top Speed Nutrition. This is a product that I’ve had some time to test and digest and think about my final views on it, so kick back, relax and enjoy a totally comprehensive, mostly entertaining, and completely informative pre workout from yours truly. As with all my pre workout reviews, I’m going to give you the low-down across four different criteria related to the Dynoshred pre workout. If you’re new to the blog, the four different areas are as follows: Taste, Performance, Ingredients, and Packaging. These four different elements are then stacked up against the pricepoint- giving us a final value grade. The final value of this pre workout is probably going to end up being the final score, so why don’t we just skip right into this Top Speed Dynoshred review!

Monday, 16 November 2015 23:58

Myokem Pyroxamine reviews are my new specialty. You want to know why I say that? Because I can read the future, and the review that you are about to read is going to blow you away. I can promise you a few things in this time we have together. The first is that you are going to be entertained. That’s right. You won’t find another supplement reviewer who brings the same amount of passion to the review table than me. The other thing I can promise you is that you are going to know everything about Myokem Pyroxamine. Other than how to spell it because I think I’ve spelled it two different ways already- both of them wrong, LOL. But, spelling aside, you will know everything ELSE about Pyroxamine. What do I mean by that? Well, the first thing that I’m going to tell you, in case you are in a hurry and won’t care the rest of my rambling, is IF PYROXAMINE WORKS. That’s right. See? I told you I can tell the future, AND read minds. You are here because you probably want to drop a few pounds. Like me, maybe you’ve had a rough stretch of work, working out, and if you’re REALLY like me you may have had a rough stretch of dating as well. I swear that has only contributed to my, er, slighly weight gain over the past three weeks. Because relationship issues lead to more wine consumption which leads to more pizza consumption which leads to weight gain. It’s not rocket science, people. So I’ll tell you how the last two weeks have gone for me as I’ve tried to pull my life (aka my body) back together with the help of Myokem. After that I’ll spend some time talking about the formula and also the packaging, but I want to focus on the effects. So let’s get started right away with this Myokem Pyroxamine Review.

Monday, 16 November 2015 00:30

Today’s Bootea Review is going to be a discussion of their protein powder called Bootea shake. This protein shake comes to us from the ever popular detox tea company ‘Bootea’, a clever play on words from the company that promises to detoxify your body and help you slim down to a smaller, thinner, leaner size. The thing about detox teas is that I hate them and don’t believe in them, but since someone asked me to do a Bootea review, I figured I could at least make a compromise and review there protein supplement. I will conduct this protein shake review the same way that I do all of my shake reviews- I’ll start by telling you all about the flavor and let you know if this Bootea shake tastes good. Then I will move into the formula section where we’ll discuss all of the the ingredients within Bootea shake. Is it actually healthy? What is the source of the protein? How many calories? I will answer all of these questions and more in my Bootea shake review. The final grading section will be on the label and packaging. Is this a good product in the looks department? You’re going to find out. So if this all sounds good to you, keep on reading and enjoy by Bootea shake review.

Thursday, 12 November 2015 22:19

Women’s Best Burner Caps Reviews are not my favorite fat burner ever. In this Burner Caps Review I’ll tell you why. As with all my fat burner reviews, I’m going to break this product down in an incredibly detailed, totally informative, semi-coherent, and wholly entertaining product review. I came across Women’s Best only very very recently, and I was excited to see if there fat burner would measure up to the same level of performance as their protein which was terrible. It’s also interesting to compare Women’s Best Burner Caps to some of it’s close competitors such as Protein World. In this review I’ll try to compare the two since it is likely in your consideration set as well. Here is a brief outline of the review- I’ll start by telling you what’s going on in my life- since this is what really matters to you, I know it. LOL. Nah. I just do that to get my writing juices flowing. After that, I’ll tell you if Women’s Best Burner Caps actually work. At the end of the day, isn’t this all that really matters? I think so. After we talk performance, I’ll tell you about the formula and ingredients within the fat burner. What do I like about the formula? What do I not like about the formula? You’re going to find out. The final criteria that we’ll discuss is of course the packaging. How does the product LOOK? I’ll tell you my thoughts as a classically trained design student. Let’s get the review started.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 20:17

MuscleSport Lean Whey Revolution is my favorite protein product the Musclesport makes. In this review I’ll tell you why. Lean Whey Revolution is actually the only protein product that I’ve tried by Musclesport so I guess calling it my ‘favorite Musclesport protein’ isn’t really saying that much. But it is what it is. In this review I’m going to do what I always do for new protein reviews in terms of the protocol itself. I’ll start by babbling about myself and what’s new and exciting in my life. As you know from reading my last review this consists of a good old-fashioned pity party since I’m going through a pre break-up. (Shutup, they still hurt). But then once I get that off my chest I’ll start telling you about the protein product that we have on hand. As with all my protein reviews I’m going to grade this one on three different criteria. And you know what? Just to switch things up we’re going to do this one backwards today. That’s right, we’re going to START with the packaging grade, and THEN move into the formula grade, and then LASTLY we’ll talk about the flavor and taste of Musclesport Lean Whey. So why don’t we get started.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 00:56

My Fit Tea Fat Burner Review is going to be epically awesome. Wow, apparently ‘epically’ IS a word. Who knew. Fit Tea is of course the popular Instagram brand that has billions of followers for some reason. If you can already sense some bitterness in my tone towards Fit Tea, then, yeah, you’re on the mark. I actually don’t much care for these new hipster tea companies because I don’t believe that they do as much for you as real fat burners. I also think they are dramatically over-priced and, well, just sort of a scam. But more on that in the meat of the Fit Tea Fat Burner review. Let me just outline what I’m going to tell you in this review. The first thing that you should know about Fit Tea is the benefits and if this product worked for me. I’m not going to blow smoke up your behind and tell you a product is worth buying if it doesn’t work. So make sure you pay closest attention to this key part of the review. After that, I’ll discuss the ingredients in Fit Tea Fatburner. What is in these pills that makes them either work, or not work? You’re going to find out. The last criteria is of course the packaging review. And oh boy will that be fun. This product looks horrid, aesthetically speaking. As usual, my review will be filled with sass, inside jokes, and other generally snarky-ness. So let’s get started with this FitTea Fat Burner Review.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 02:59

Today I’m going to review the ErgoBlast pre workout supplement from value company Ergogenix. This brand has been around the block a few times and I can tell you that their new pre workout has some pretty good things going for it. In this Ergoblast review I’m going to talk about the flavor, the performance benefits, the formula/ingredients, the packaging, and also close things out with a value score. I wish I had more to give you in this intro, but I think tonights Ergoblast Review is going to be very brief. The thing that I do know is that tonights review is going to rather brief. So let’s get stared.

Saturday, 07 November 2015 17:29

Welcome to my Orgain Organic Protein Review. In this review I’ll be discussing the taste, formula, and packaging of this new protein from the Orgain company. If you are wondering what I like and don’t like about this product, you are surely going to find out. But I can’t tell you just yet because we need to let the suspense build! And I need to make you READ because you don’t do enough of it! So let’s talk now. Let’s talk now about everything and anything related to Orgain and get you every little bit of knowledge under the sun on this ‘smooth & delicious’ protein shake. I say ‘smooth & delicious’ in quotes because that is what is claimed on the front of the Orgain Organic Protein label. This is NOT necessarily what I found to be true of the flavor as you will soon find. I’ll keep this intro short and sweet and then we can jump right into this Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Protein Review. Let’s do it!

Friday, 06 November 2015 08:30

Good2Go Bars, or G2G Bars if you’re lazy, is one of the hottest new protein bars companies out there, and I am thrilled to be able to give you a proper Fit Life Allie review on these sweet babies. Yes. I just referred to protein bars as sweet babies. Shutup I’m tired. But guess what? I write my best reviews when I’m tired. Said no one ever. But we’ll try. In this G2G review I’m going to take you through every single aspect of these high-protein energy bars from the flavor to the label. Hey that was so close to rhyming. I’ll start, as per usual, by typing whatever comes into my head. That way you get nice and familiar with my horrible sense of humor and want to burn my website down. Er. Please don’t. Not sure how well that would work out for you at the Genius Bar. Woo Apple Store jokes! LOL. Ok after that we’ll actually get this Good 2 Go Bar Review started I promise. I’ll tell you about the flavor, and what it’s like to put these yummy protein bars in your mouth. Stay with me. After that we’ll talk about the ingredients and supplement facts. Are these bars actually healhty? What’s in them? You’re going to find out. I’ll conclude with a brief design study on G2G packaging, and then leave you with a final review summary, in which we’ll assign G2G a final review score. Yes I just referred to myself as ‘we’. Split personality whatup. Ok let’s get started.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 18:36

This Beachbody Rocover Protein Review almost didn’t happen. Ever had one of those days when you can’t make yourself start typing because you’re sitting in a really uncomfortable chair? Well you’re in good company because you’re in MY company. But I’m going to pull myself together and grab this Beachbody Recover review by it’s figurative horns and put together a review so epic, and so thorough, that you won’t even know what hit you. This review promises to be a few things. It will be well-written. It will be entertaining. And I guess it will be kind of informative as well. If you really want to know everything about Beachbody Recover, then you are going to love this review. I’m going to start by complaining about some first-world basic chick problems. That’s how I start all my reviews so don’t even act surprised anymore. When I’m done wasting your time, I’ll dive in with some Beachbody analysis. The first thing we’ll cover off on is going to be the flavor and the tastes that you get from drinking BeachBody Recover. Does it taste good? Does it taste bad? How does it compare to some of the other proteins you’ve tried, Allie? I’ll be sure to tell you. After we talk taste, we’ll talk formulation. There are plenty of things that taste good and have a lousy nutrition profile. Like the milkshake that I had last night. Hashtag fat kid. Following the nutritional stuff I’ll do an in-depth label and packaging grade. When we’re done with those three criteria, we’ll package everything up into one big Beachbody Recover review summary and we’ll all go home happy. Kapeesh? Thought so. Let’s get the review started.

Monday, 02 November 2015 16:14

Ok who’s ready for another pre workout review? I am. Who’s ready for another Adaptogen Science review? I am. Who’s ready for an Adaptogen Science Warp 5 pre workout review? You’re damn right. I am. Hello and welcome friends I’m Jim Nantz and this is going…wait. That’s not right. Hello friends and welcome to my Adaptogen Science pre workout review! Woo! Now we’re cookin’! Yes. As you have gathered by now, we will be discussing today the new Warp Five pre workout from new supplement brand Adaptogen Science. I’ve had the pleasure of using this product for for about an hour and a half now and I’m in a wonderful position to tel you about it. Want to hear more about said position? Good because you’re going to. Spoiler alert- it’s far from wonderful. Eh. I guess it could be worse. In this review I’ll tell you about my life, and then my experience with Warp 5. The first thing we’ll discuss product-wise is the flavor. You need to know what Warp 5 tastes like, right? Right. After we talk taste I’ll tell you about the performance that I had with Warp 5. That sounds weird. The workout* that I had with Warp 5. After that we’ll talk formula, labeling, packaging, and the whole rest of the works. You know how these reviews go by now. I mean. After all I’m coming up on my 100th pre workout review. Pretty crazay. Woo! Let’s get started.

Saturday, 31 October 2015 04:58

Tonight’s review will be on the Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Pre Workout. This is sure to be a unique review indeed as this product is actually unlike anything I’ve tried before. In this review we’re going to do a few different things, all of which are going to be highly entertaining, uber-informative, and almost assuredly poorly worded. Just kidding. I’m a wordsmith. You will love my Slap Nutrition review so much that you will want to run up a mountain and shout it out loud “I love BPW Reviews!”. Go ahead. Say it. You know it’s true. LOL. Sigh. This could be a long night. Ahem. Ok. So in this review we will start with the all important flavor review. I’m going to tell you exactly how this product tastes and if it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. After that I’ll tell you how this pre workout performs. I’ll describe my one crappy workout with it and then blame the poor workout on the product. I wish I was kidding. After that we’ll go over the supplement facts and ingredients to give you a sense of what’s actually in here. Lastly, we’ll talk about the label and if it’s a success or failure. The closing summary will pull all that info into one big happy ball and spit out a final grade. Sound good? Thought so. Let’s get this Slap Nutrition Slapuccino Review goin’.

Thursday, 29 October 2015 21:57

Snac Nutrition Xpedite pre workout is one of my latest discoveries. And boy and I glad that I did find it. In this Snac Xpedite review I’ll tell you what I like about this pre workout. I’ll tell you about the flavor, and describe in super rich detail what it is like to pour this pre workout down your throat. Yes. I get very detailed in my reviews. Lol. I think you’ll find that this review is more in-depth than any other Snac Xpedite review on the internet anywhere. I’m serious. You will see. I bring some real intensity to my reviews that you just won’t find anywhere else! After we talk about how Snac Xpedite tastes, we’re going to spend some time talking about the formula- which in my opinion is the true strength of the product. After we talk formula, we’ll talk performance. This is going to be the most interesting for you so you can get a sense of what it feels like to take a few scoops of this pre workout. It’s good stuff from my own experience. The final criteria that I’ll grade Xpedite pre workout on is the labeling. Because let’s face it. Looks are important. Sound like a good plan? I thought so to. Let’s bring it on. Here is my Snac Xpedite review.